Chasing life moments in Mangalore, India

The most beautiful things in life are not things. They’re people and places and memories and pictures. They’re feelings and moments and smiles and laughter.


This blog has been on my mind for a while now.

And guess what… so focused on chasing life moments I struggled to make it happen, trying to expand what isn’t expandable: time, trying to go beyond daily 24 hours. Or maybe simply: I wasn’t ready yet? Maybe a few things had to happen before that, maybe a few thoughts had to evolve enough to let them fly further or maybe “time needs to be right for the right things to happen.” Yes, now it chased me, successfully!

So, what is all this chasing life about?

Today’s world makes most of us chase every single day, every opportunity, every happiness… simply its every moment. And while running around all the time, this is the place for me to stop (oh yes, I truly struggle with this!) and share some memories, some tips, a few highlights. So that moments can last and can be celebrated more – giving something back: always more smile.

Do you feel THE world isn’t stopping today?

For sure it isn’t just me who feels like chasing life, from sunrise till sunset, often with many sleepless hours at night, be it by choice or circumstances. Sometimes trying to reach excellence in what I do or trying to do so many things. Roles are many too: mom, wife, daughter, friend, corporate girl, in all this not to forget ‘self’. Once I was told that as women, we can’t reach perfection in all the roles we play daily. Maybe that’s true, I do not know. What I know for sure that there is a lot of chasing needed to finish the day with a smile or positive feeling. And yes, sometimes my day isn’t perfect at the end, but I manage to chase my life moments.

Guess that’s the magic of it all. Not to wait for big things to happen, a winning lottery ticket isn’t needed. To live noticing the joyful moments that make us smile at heart. To capture them so we have more energy and inner strength. To stand up when we fall or to laugh lauder when we start to smile.

Wait a moment, but isn’t chasing a bit negative?

It is a life’s chase, the pursuit of it. Nothing more exciting. So pack your bags… no… bags not needed for this journey ? It is an open ticket for all who want to join me for this adventure: chasing life and its moments.

Moments that matter, no matter what.

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