Bonfire under northern lights in Arctic Circle in Norway

Somehow it became part of our family’s traveling DNA: spontaneous travels, last moment changes or bookings. And maybe I would prefer a few more days for “knowing”, especially now when the family is bigger. However, I can’t complain here at all. As it always works out! No regrets nor disappointments. Just more adventures and fun. Packing last moment is part of our lifestyle too. Often…creative packing too! ? (that’s a story for another post…)

For instance, just three weeks ago we were selecting our destination tickets on Friday night. Yes, for Saturday morning. Yes, including our little 4.5 months traveler. Above all, amazing 3 days of travel. And also, this one, in Norway, was funny.

There is something magical in Scandinavia

I love it way beyond its design and the quantity of candles lit. Its people, breathtaking landscapes and ambiance make this place unique in the world. Yet, missing Finland and Iceland to discover all Nordic treasures.

Back to Norway and our last visit there! It was the travel of 5 family members, all settled in advance, flight tickets, hotel – kind of like not us. I thought: finally we are getting better! And surprise! Less than a week before we decided to drop the tickets. Buy the new set – changing flight plan and accommodation, in fact, the entire journey’s idea was new. Yes, always in beautiful Norway. Arctic Circle!

Heading to Tromsø, to chase Northern Lights

That was an actual chase. In the middle of the dark night with shining snow giving us a way forward. To be able to experience what normally eyes would not imagine: a real Northern Lights show, all live, all for us, including an unforgettable dance of lights. Sky and night turning mesmerizingly pink and green at the same time. In the middle of the frozen land, all covered in silky white snow, often untouched before, sometimes so icy that walking was a struggle. Just to clarify, this says a “girl from the north”! ?

Tromsø is the third largest north of the Arctic Circle anywhere in the world, following Murmansk and Norilsk in Russia. That’s the place where one can experience polar nights in the winter and midnight sun in the summer. Incredible to witness it, grey days, as if the sky was always covered with a layer of sun protection cloth, making days shaded and dusky.  

If you happen to travel to Norway between September and early April – go for it. Either change your tickets to Tromsø or better – just plan it in advance. Or maybe if you do not have any idea where to travel in Europe – I promise, you won’t regret it, at all.

Chasing life moments – they know how to do it there

We trusted Pukka Travels tours, real Arctic experts. They are there to help people chase the sky and they succeed. You choose the date and transportation method, rest is in their hands. And it isn’t only a chase. These are moments that last.

Driving in the middle of the night on icy roads. Trying to get to the locations where the sky will give its best show of Northern Lights. Enjoying the warmth of thermal suites during the freezing night. The temperature of -20’c didn’t scare us, just a few tears of our daughter, nothing more. And finally … the bonfire, in the middle of nowhere, randomly selected field. Sitting on the snow on reindeer rugs, while drinking hot beverages and tasting unforgettable food, sausages, homemade biscuits. Moreover, they will plan for your dietary requirements too. And, you just admire, live the moment. In short, the team takes care of the rest, bringing professional photo cameras, capturing these moments for you. Even without one picture, one can’t forget such moments sitting under this enchanting sky.

Sitting by the bonfire on reindeer rugs
Photo: Pukka Travels

Some, totally amazed and longing for more, book the second trip within the next few days. We decided, also together with Pukka Travels, to meet Santa’s best friend: reindeer! Not one or two, hundreds of them! Sami Reindeer and Culture Experience.

And what do you adore most about Nordic countries? Is it Santa who lives in Finland & few days will visit all of us? That’s also Arctic Circle!

Moments that matter, no matter where.

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