While removing things, less can also mean more.

Christmas is just behind the corner and soon after we will let 2019 go. I imagine many of us running around these days, last shopping lists, last items to prepare at home, a lot of cooking to be done for the family and friends. And in all of that – making sure that our home is shining, as it is a special time during the year. Surrounded by so many items, sometimes unnecessary, and gadgets makes it all more difficult for us. Especially now: in the era of consumptionism.

Do we really need everything? And if maybe not, how to deal with it?

Some time ago I saw a cute picture. A girl standing in front of her wardrobe and discovering that she has clothes that:

  • Haven’t been worn for 4 years… still …one day she will wear them again
  • Are slightly too small… still …one day she will get slimmer to fit in
  • Are not that nice… still …can be worn for trips outside the town
  • Oh really? “Surprise clothes ” category  
  • 20% of clothes were the ones worn 80% of time (Good old Pareto! Can be found even in our wardrobes! ?)

Yes, this is just a funny example and wardrobes might not be the only place full of similar discoveries. And as much as we like surprises, a bit of them could be limited here. Giving us back more what we think. Correct, I am not talking about minimalism here, yet nowadays more and more popular.

This year two major changes took place in my life. Firstly, relocation to India and living between two houses, one in Bangalore and one in Gdansk. Secondly, arrival of our second daughter, Kaira. Both significant life changes and events that would make you think: do I need all of this? Trying to clean house, trying to pack suitcases and later “preparing nest” for our little One.

Today is your day to let go of things that no longer serve you.


As 2019 resolution I invented myself a new rule, type of a target for Q1: 3 in 1 (certainly, you can sense a corporate girl here! ?) Each day (1) remove 3 unnecessary things. Important: follow each day, with no fail. Wait a moment, what does remove mean? To clarify, it can vary between: donating or gifting, giving for recycling, selling or throwing. Outcome?

  • Significant number of unnecessary things removed from home
  • Sharing with others, especially in need, gives amazing feeling at the heart
  • Ambience more oriented towards today vs. what was part of the past
  • Easier cleaning (less items), as a result, more free time
  • “Feeling lighter”, I am sure you know this feeling too, when you can remove not needed or old things creating more space at home (or some, just some new shopping ?)
  • Finally: fun, it can really give joy to say bye to not needed things

That’s important to mention. 3 in 1 rule have had to be greater than any new shopping, else it just doesn’t work.

Just to clarify, it doesn’t have to be 3 in 1. My approach is just what have worked for me, what has been doable as well. A great daily motivation to find unnecessary things, to make others happier, to make space for changes coming in our life. Certainly, a great exercise of letting go!

I think this will continue to be my 2020 resolution. How about you? Any resolution for 2020? If you are looking for both useful and pretty resolution templates, you can check ‘Kelsey in London’ blog’s – New Year Resolution Templates. And remember: less can mean also more.

Moments that matter, matters what’s necessary.

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