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I like to tell our marriages story referring to my wedding dresses. Special and unique, colorful and many. To keep the momentum going, this time let’s start with two of them. Yes, you are right. This means two more posts will be here! From that small civil and church marriages we went “a bit” bigger, our initial plans expanded, spontaneously. Following final understanding of the situation and each other, following dreams. And Bollywood movie!

My Better Half has told me for some time now that I should write a book. For now, instead of the book – blog. And a bit of our story in it!

Before leaving for India for our marriages, I met my beloved friends for girls’ outing. And one night before civil marriage we repeated similar gathering in India too. To have fun and to create memories that would last and stay with us. Boys didn’t have that much luck but somehow, we didn’t feel bad about it. ?

15th October morning was the day to wear first of my 6 wedding dresses. Our civil marriage, yes, at “post office”! Soft, so soft and light red saree, adorned with golden threads and embroideries. Selected with My Better Half and our daughter. In India brides usually wear red colors for marriages. Red indicates sensuality, purity and prosperity. In Hindu religion, it is of utmost significance and the color is most frequently used for auspicious occasions, like marriages. According to astrology, also important in India, Mars oversees marriages and the color of Mars is red. I love to follow traditions, both Polish and Indian, so that our girls can decide in the future how to shape their lifes. Giving choices can make a difference.

Civil marriage was as we expected, as I did for 2 months. Yes, before that I imagined it completely differently. Signing our marriage documents, confirming our wills, on the bench – in the corner of the marriage office, surrounded by many people we have never seen in our life. Important we were together; our family was with us. Moreover, My Weddings Project Manager was in full action already. We went to our “life changing sofa” hotel for a lovely lunch.

House full of lights and flowers, kilograms of flowers, yes, we are in India. In the evening continuing celebrations with our first guests from Poland at Leela Palace Hotel, where I have seen My Better Half for the first time 10 years back! (don’t ask if he has seen me!) Certainly, if you ever happen to visit Bangalore, having a meal or a drink at Leela Hotel is a must. Stunning place!

In all this, I forgot to write… YES, WE GOT MARRIED! Officially! And at hearts!

To clarify, that was day 1 only!

16th October morning, my first make up done by the makeup artist in India. Yes, nervous about it. And this time…my white dress. Modest and simple dress. To make it complex simplicity which I love, the actual spotlight was the veil. Very long veil, desired one. In addition, one more for change after the ceremony, short one, just to be comfortable and practical. So, the title should be 6 dresses and 2 veils! ?

White dress story is all against common tradition which says groom should not see the dress before bride wears it (or till church). How My Better Half could not have seen it if he was the one to buy it for me, with me over mobile communicator! Can you believe it? I didn’t see my white dress till marriage day! Yes, dress was bought in India once I left. So how come it fitted me perfectly without me being around? My smart Weddings Project Manager just brought this dress with one that fitted me ideally to the tailor and asked for the same adjustments to be done, no centimeter deviation! In summary: he just told me not to worry as he will make a perfect fitting for me, no wonder My Weddings Project Manager is My Better Half!

Above all, church ceremony was beautiful, important for me. That was our time, with family and friends. Subsequently, each day was just better, and celebrations were not over! Just after leaving church I changed the long veil to the short one. To be more comfortable for another lunch celebration with all, this time at The Paul Hotel. And to throw the veil to see who the new bride will be! Our Nattu!

This day, although in India, had many Polish traditions. For instance, “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” was with me. “Bread and salt welcome” done by parents wasn’t missed. My Better Half was again in action – this time to carry me in his arms through door, hotel door and later home door. And, our dear family and friends from Poland were there too! Traditions come from people!

Yes… 16th October at 6pm was another celebration. Sangeet & Mehndi celebration (music and henna). That’s a story for another post. 4 wedding dresses are still left!

Moments that matter, no matter number of wedding dresses.

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