Multicultural wedding: reception party

Bollywood music on, time to start another party, second of our multicultural wedding parties! Are you ready to join? Yes, virtually. It is never too late to emerge in memories.

After blessings of Hindu marriage our guests joined wedding party while we run away, just for a moment, for cloths change! Yes… it is time for dress number 5! Why?

Typically, an Indian bride has two dresses. Who would not love that! Usually, after marriage ceremony bride changes into another saree, lehenga or dress. If she wore the traditional red lehenga for the marriage, she may select a different color for the reception party, like golden, pink, orange, blue or purple. This is also to differentiate two parts of the event: one outfit is for the religious ceremony and another one is worn to celebrate and have fun. As you can imagine, I didn’t complain at all. It just meant one more shopping, one more beautiful dress to buy!

Changing dresses might also include jewelry change, to match colors and the overall style. Other than gold jewelry Indian brides wear also typical bangles and ankle bracelets. Bangles symbolize safety, luck and prosperity in their new marriage life while ankle bracelet, known as payal, is meant to tinkle as the bride approaches her groom. My two arms were full of bangles and I also didn’t miss on the payals, a bit last moment – but made it to wear all.

And my dress? It wasn’t easy to select one among all the wonderful colors and patterns available here in India. Sometimes too big selection doesn’t help! ? But finally, we found it: light golden color dress, pale golden. I just loved it, it fitted so well and was just perfect for dancing, ideal for the occasion. Additionally, or rather most importantly: I just felt that this is the dress I would love to wear for this special celebration, our day. Consequently as I was to change the dress, My Better Half joined me in the new outfit as well, to match as ‘complete’ Mrs. & Mr. N.! All 3 marriages behind us now.

Bollywood music was on, dancing was never-ending. I haven’t dance for so long for years! All guests, not only from India, enjoyed dancing to Hindi songs, learning new moves and steps. Certainly it was an evening of full fun, unlimited fun! If you ever have an opportunity, attend a wedding in India. Unforgettable experience. However if it is yours, you will remember it even better. ?

So that was the end of the celebrations in India. 3 days, although very active, seemed a bit too short at the end. Or maybe we simply loved them too much that on 4th day we asked each other “Should we remarry to celebrate again?” Good news: there was one more party left! And one more dress, of course! In Poland, as part of our multicultural wedding parties. We couldn’t miss our dear family and friends who couldn’t join us in Bangalore.

Also, in Poland I decided to wear an Indian dress. Guess the choice is just so good, so many varieties available that I didn’t think twice and… went for shopping before leaving for Poland. So that the dress was a surprise for all guests there also the ones who made for both celebrations in India and Poland!

There is a small story related to this dress. I just couldn’t decide if to buy it or not. Reason? Color. We went to one of our favorite dresses’ shops in Bangalore. And we both loved one dress and liked few more. My Better Half was encouraging me to buy it. Meanwhile, my thought was: in Poland for marriages or weddings we usually wear white dresses or light colors at least. And this was nearly a black one, graphite dress. Very dark grey. Just in the sunlight it was visible it wasn’t black. Should I wear graphite color dress? As a result, I was undecided, very undecided. We kept on rooming among other shops. Yes, we liked many dresses but none as much as the first one. We walked for 2 hours searching for something better. My Better Half was getting late to work.

“Who doesn’t risk, doesn’t drink champagne.” Finally, we bought my graphite dress! And My Better Half couldn’t understand why we wasted last 2 hours going around the shops ?

That was an amazing choice. Knowing it was a multicultural wedding, it made it all easier for my decision too. Certainly I just love this dress. Graphite color with plenty of golden ornaments around the neckline. Long dress, perfectly fitted. Sleeveless but somehow good for a party in late autumn in Poland. Moreover, we were lucky with a sunny day.

Another unforgettable evening with family and friends at Stary Manez. What else is needed when there is love, amazing company, food, drinks and dancing! I was very happy inside me to meet people dear to my heart. And I got so many compliments for the dress! Already when I wore it for the first time in the fitting room in the shop – I knew it was ‘my dress’. Celebration in Poland just confirmed it.

Also in Poland we danced to Hindi hits, followed by Polish and international songs. And that was a meeting of my two work ‘gangs’ from my two companies, current one and also previous one where I met My Better Half. Yes, also this celebration we would love to repeat one day! Another reason to remarry? 🙂

Following all our 3 marriages and all multicultural wedding parties, all my 6 wedding dresses are between our two houses now, some in India and some in Poland. And I can’t wait to wear them again. My favorite 6 dresses!

Moments that matter, no matter color of the dress.

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