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Trip to Morocco, at least one day? For sure, current months gives us a bit less opportunities to travel. Especially abroad, especially to the countries that have faced more challenges with the corona-virus situation. And to those that try to protect their habitats. Fully understandable. However, both tracing memories back and planning for future travels is a great option to consider for these days when more time at home might be there. So let me share with you my one day travel experience to Morocco. Hopefully, a small inspiration for your upcoming travels, many more to come, I know it!


Seems far too short. And at the same time so attractive and appealing. If given a chance – would you go for it? Or would you prefer to wait for another opportunity to discover this fascinating country and its charm for more than one day? Guess, it might depend on the travelling style we all have.

Yes, I love such opportunities and in fact, when travelling, I investigate in advance the options to see other countries or unique places, for a weekend stay or even for a day trip. It often impacts my decision on where to travel next! In my view, there are many great benefits for it:

~ New experience: visiting new countries allows to discover new cultures, it gives the actual opportunity to “touch” what we often read in books or travel guides. Nothing can replace the possibility to see the new places with your own eyes.

~ More countries: when I was small I used to have an illuminated globe and play on it with my father and sister: visiting new countries with our fingers ? So if you love to visit new countries (in real!) or you are tracking the number of them – that’s for you!

~ Cost: usually vicinity of the places allows to lower the cost of the travel and the overall journey, additionally, when visiting for short period (weekend or 1 day visit) – it decreases the expense even further

~ New continents: there are spots in the world that their geographical position allows you not only to see the new place but even to ‘hop’ to another continent, yes, Morocco is one of them!

Morocco travel

So if you are planning any trip for the upcoming months of this year: consider and explore. Maybe there is an easy option for a quick ‘hop’ to another country. Maybe even visa won’t be needed. Checking does not cost! All you can win is a great new travel experience, like Morocco in one day trip!


I have done many ‘hopping’ to other countries travels. And I loved them all. I also enjoy exploring it all in advance. A bit of travel detective work ? That’s how I discovered Spain to Morocco quick travel option!

There are 2 main quick (up to 2.5 hours travel) routes from Spain to Morocco and vice versa. Based on the current options these are:

TARIFA (Spain) – TANGIER CITY (Morocco)30 MIN – 1 H13 services / day
ALGECIRAS (Spain) – TANGIER MED (Morocco)1.5 H – 2.5 H29 services / day

I have opted for the first one.

Tarifa and Algeciras are just 23 km away. The journey to Morocco is shorter in the first option, However the main criteria for me was the destination. Visiting Morocco – Tangier – for one day trip seemed more interesting! I was ready to discover this ‘Blue and White City’.

Tangier can be reached from Spain by ferry. We trusted FRS. Journey is short and the tickets are at reasonable prices. Visiting Morocco and touching Northern African land in 80 euro / $90 is nearly a must, while staying in south of Spain! Most of the time on the ferry is spent on: immigration procedure! Great solution! Instead of wasting time at departure or arrival, it is all done during your journey. So stand earlier in the line or wait for the end, you can still manage to sip a coffee or snack something small.

Located on the Strait of Gibraltar, where Africa meets Europe, Tangier has been a strategic gateway between two continents. Moreover, this port city is just 27 km (17 miles) from the southern tip of Spain! It is built on the slopes of a limestone hill. Tangier’s old town (medina), surrounded by 15th century ramparts, includes a kasbah, the sultan’s palace (currently a Museum of Art), and the Great Mosque. Tangier, being an important port and trade center, has good road and rail connections with many Moroccan cities, like: Rabat, Fes, and Casablanca. Next to tourism, it is famous for fishing, textiles, spices and carpet manufacturing.

Morocco One Day Trip

tangier – blue and white city

After quick ferry trip, we reached our travel destination! And all ready for 1 day trip in Morocco. Deciding for day visit there are 3 main options ahead of you (unless you have any family or friends here): visit in on your own, buy in advance 1 day trip package (which would also include ferry ride) or continue your journey with one of the local guides. Many, many of them wait in the port, just where you arrive. Hiring a local guide also includes taxi driver (another person) and a bit of negotiation skills to get best price! Since I was accompanied by my parents, we decided for it. No worries to walk uphill! Remember, it is hill city.

Life is art, live yours in color.

The city is vibrant, loud and welcoming yet chaotic. Moreover, colors are everywhere! No wonder Tangier’s nickname is ‘Blue and White City’! Simply, this was the best proof to me: yes, we are in Morocco, country of colors! Walking in these colorful streets was just captivating, best part of the day! I could just wander and wander, nothing else was needed. My memory is full of vivid and colorful sights, strong scents and ongoing sounds. Everyone has something to sell, making their deals in many foreign languages, children running and jumping around – constant movement and noise. And I enjoyed each moment of it.

You will meet local people who speak Arabic, French, Spanish, English, mixtures of these or even all of them together. So communication isn’t an issue. In fact, choice is big! ? Guided tour was great. Perfect for our duration of travel as well. Normally I would wander on my own, however knowing that the time was really limited, that too much walking could impact the overall experience for my parents – that was the best choice. And the most importantly: being with someone local, we felt very safe. Especially in all the small streets and markets where we were taken around. Guess, otherwise, many of these places would have been skipped by us. So I felt positive about the decision!

Firstly, it was an uphill ride to read medina. Even just this drive was already an experience. Seeing vivid life of Morocco through the car windows. And then many stops. To see The Grande Mosquée of Tangier. To walk around the Old Town, to disappear in many of the streets and climb higher into the Kasbah. The hilltop spots of the Kasbah give amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea.

The streets of Tangier are just what I love when travelling. Full of simple, often not so clean but so colorful spots. Also, great if your passion is also photography. Emerging in blue, white and yellow. In the scent of spices and home-made oils and cosmetics. Not to forget mint tea. That’s a must experience in Morocco. And to be taken home, too! As usual, once back home, it was too tasty and finished too early.

Importantly, our guide didn’t forget about finding great spot for lunch, typical Moroccan cuisine. Certainly, that was the most relaxing part, we were left alone, not disturbed at all. Family lunch time – yummy food, great company, mint tea, nothing else was needed. Just missed immensely My Better Half and Our Bigger Angel. But he was lucky that he didn’t have to, post lunch, to do all the street shopping with me!

Mint tea, argan oil, even a typical Moroccan sitting pouf! I just loved it too much. All in grey shades, of course.? On the way back we also got a classic Moroccan bread, just freshly baked in this so small bakery. Very warm and with beautiful aroma, Moroccan khobz. Try also fruits. Especially… tangerine. Hmm… Tangerine and Tangier. Similar names, right? That’s correct. As tangerines originate from here! So many reasons to visit Morocco – at least for one day trip! Yes, I wish it was longer!

PS. And what was your best ‘hop’ country visit so far? ?

Moments that matter, no matter the continent.

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