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ME Time. While chasing life’s moments we tend to forget about the most important person: ourselves. We keep on running, taking care of our families, trying to do our best at work, doing things for others. And in all that we keep ourselves somewhere far in the lane. Low priority person. Can wait. Won’t disappear or walk away. We continue to say: ‘later’ or ‘once I will do 1, 2, 3 and maybe 4’. Likewise, it might happen that we keep on pushing ourselves away from… ourselves only.

We run away all the time to avoid coming face to face with ourselves.



Serendipity. When I started to write this post yesterday, I just noticed that… 28th March, today, is declared as Me Time Day! Highlighting the importance of focusing on our own health and well-being, embracing the idea that self-preservation is not self-indulgent. Yes, today it is time to celebrate! Start to celebrate but do not finish today, continue each day.

Nowadays it seems that the world is trying to push us to ourselves by confining us to our homes so that we are safe. Or at least is trying to remind us the importance of it. World has ‘stopped’ for a while. I guess giving us a lot of reflections, time to dedicate to “today & now” and finally some moments for ourselves. No, it is not an extra time. We have always 24 hours daily. It is just a sweet & gentle reminder.

Today is life – the only life we are sure of. Make the most of today. Get interested in something. Shake yourself awake. Develop a hobby. Let the winds of enthusiasm sweep through you. Live today with gusto.

Dale Carnegie

I am sure that many of us understood it last weeks. And additionally took the advantage of it. Or maybe on the reverse – struggle now more than before. With 1/3 of the world staying at home, there can be two sides of it. In short – sudden reorganization of our life:

? you feel that you were granted a lot of extra time just for yourself

?‍?‍?‍? you feel that you have full family at home (and on your head!) now and even less time for yourself

I think I am a mix of both.? Which one is your scenario?


Everything. It is time that a person has to herself or himself only, doing something and enjoying it! Or simply: time when you can do what you want to do! Finally!


? connect with self: dedicate a bit of time for “self-discovery”, simply talk to yourself, love yourself first!

? become happier and more positive person: improve your well-being and self-esteem

? more energy and less stress: take time to relax, recharge your batteries and lower your worries

? healthier mindset: own happiness impacts our mental health, contentment and life satisfaction

? better life balance: understand your own priorities and learn to say ‘yes’ to have more time for self

? enhanced concentration: relaxed mind = free to focus & less pressure

? improved relationships with others: starting with self, connecting, loving and being happy has an amazing invisible effect on our interactions with people around us

? better sleep: simply!

That’s plenty of reasons and no more excuses now to delay time for ourselves! Treat yourself with priority number one. As they say on the plane: ‘put your mask on first’!

how is my ME TIME?

On one hand: never enough. On the other hand: I always strive for it! And even if it is a middle of the night, I usually make it.

There is something inside me. Maybe the fact that I have lived on my own for many years and fully got used to such lifestyle. Maybe as Gemini, with two personalities inside me, I have a constant need of both being surrounded by people and also being alone. Or maybe as I like my company, at the end it isn’t that bad. ?

You can’t be lonely if you like the person you are alone with.

Dr Dyer

Living alone for sure helps one in understanding the importance of Me Time and also getting used to it. Own daily rhythm, decisions about day plan, from small things to more significant items. Less disturbance but also more loneliness. Certainly, it has its both sides. Living on my own instill in me the feeling and importance of Me Time. Consequently, I got super used to it!

Me Time Seaside

Once under one roof with My Better Half and Our Big Angel I had to get used to the new situation. A bit challenging, different for sure. In short, my own time shrank, it got less. And especially now with Our Little One, “us time” became the default. Luckily, I don’t have to fight for it. But yes, I strive for it. I am very conscious and aware that my mind, my body and that inner “me” inside needs it, each day. Otherwise, I start to feel very uneasy and uncomfortable. Kind of out of my own place.


It is not always easy: time for family, especially daughters, 11 years and under 1 year, not forgetting My Better Half; time for taking care of the house, smaller and bigger duties, daily life. For instance: preparing food, cleaning house, ironing, watering garden… it all won’t get done on its own. Luckily, I am not alone in it. It is the team work! The power of the Family!

In fact, sometimes it happens that I manage to find some time for myself only after 11 pm or even midnight. As a result, staying awake for an hour or two. Wrapping up daily things and also getting some time for myself. My Better Half caring for me tells me to relax and sleep. But he knows that I need a bit of Me Time. Just like him, finding him listening to music or playing guitar.

Me Time Travels

So, what do I enjoy doing? It all depends on the available time & the place where I am. My top 10 list is (just in random order, skipping on purpose time spent with my dear family & friends):

  1. Car ride
  2. Coffee and wine time
  3. Solo travelling
  4. Indoor activities (gym / yoga / pranayama)
  5. World Wide Web (www.)
  6. Photography
  7. Read books / magazine
  8. Art & craft
  9. Outdoor activities (skates / skiing)
  10. Cleaning (!) ??


Sharing with you 50 ideas – for body, mind and soul. Enjoy the list and feel free to download the PDF below! Additionally, if you have any other ideas – share them for the benefit of all of us in the comments below! Thank you in advance!

50 Me Time Ideas

Moments that matter, no matter the time.

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