Watching Sunsets

Watching sunsets: who doesn’t love it? There is something very special in each sunset, that moment and scene. So relaxing and calming down, an ideal combination of completion and hope for the next day. These are also the moments when the nature shows off its scale of colors, from golden to blue hour, contrasting or resembling what is around.

Every sunset is an opportunity for reset.

Richie Norton

While chasing our life’s moments, sometimes we do not realize what is happening on the sky. Or when travelling, we prepare in advance our itinerary, sightseeing places to visits and often forget to check “best sunset spots”. And then when spontaneously sun draws the colors on the sky, we realize this is the best part of the day, no matter where we are.


Sunset, usually it is just a moment. In fact, in the most populated regions, a sunset takes between 2 and 5 minutes. However, the beauty of it lasts for a longer time.

Approximately one hour before the actual sunset the sun starts to turn redder and softer than when it is higher in the sky. This period of time is called as ‘golden hour’, many refer to it also as ‘magic hour’. And that’s not all. About 20 to 30 minutes after the sunset, sky starts to paint its blue shadows. That’s ‘blue hour’, the period of twilight when the Sun is at a significant depth below the horizon and residual. In this time indirect sunlight takes on a predominantly blue shade. All done by the nature.

One more thing that is special about sunsets: you are not required to travel for them to amaze you. No matter if you are at home or away, if you are locked down and can’t travel or you are exploring new places of the world – sunsets are there for you. For us. And although our first assumption might be beach, there are plenty of places where sunsets looks same or even more magical. Among many, don’t forget mountains, deserts, city skylines, riverbanks, or simply – home windows.

I think that what I love most about sunsets is how surprising they might get. Both during days at home or travel time – many of the dusk moments are so memorable. At home, we often tend to forget what is happening outside, happens often to me too. And then, luckily, looking outside I often freeze, amazed by the colors of the sky. The same happened during multiple travels. Even if I knew that the plan was to watch a sunset – so many times that moment, place and the overall ambiance were just more what one could have imagined. That’s the beauty of sunsets – so unexpectedly beautiful.

Watching Sunset Udupi

Sunset is still my favorite color, and rainbow is second.

Mattie Stepanek


Planning to watch a sunset in a new place? Or maybe trying to capture that moment in its best orange or blue light? Reasons can be more! So some suggestions on the apps that can help you get the best out of it!


‘3D Sun Locator predicts the sun and moon position and path at a specific location during the course of a day.
Anticipate lighting conditions in photography/filming, real estate, architecture, outdoor activities (e.g. setting up camp), solar panel positioning, gardening, and more.’


‘If you are a sun-seeker this app will tell you when and where will the sunrise and sunset be (dusk and dawn). Also gives additional blue hour and golden hour information. These magic hours have the best light for creating beautiful portraits or scenic landscapes.’


‘This application is used to determine the position of sun and moon anywhere in the world, and help you determine the time of sunrise and sunset, twilight, the duration of the day, moon phase and much more. With this program you can predict the best time for taking pictures of landscapes, nature, and any other outdoors shooting.


  1. Home: no more beautiful sunsets that the ones watched at home, in Poland. Special thing: roof windows just above the bed, facing West direction. From deep orange to vivid fuchsia shades. Or the magical one, sunset with snow falling down on the window pane. I miss these a lot.
  2. Burj Khalifa: watching a sunset from 122nd floor? Unforgettable! So unique experience. Persian Gulf and Dubai city reflecting last rays of the sun, before it disappears for the day. If you happen to be in Dubai, don’t miss this priceless experience.
  3. Nandi Hills: the beauty of the hills – you can watch both sunrise and sunset, not being limited by place’s orientation. Just outside of Bangalore, in India, we have ‘our sunrises and sunsets spot’. Forgetting the traffic and noise of the city, you can disappear in the middle of the nature to admire amazing dusk moments.
  4. Grand Canyon: many call it ‘unrivaled sunsets place’ and there is a lot of truth in it. As the sun sets, the canyon walls start to change its earthy shades, giving a feeling of mystery. It contrasted beautiful with dense clouds above the canyon, turning sky into mild orange and soft purple picture.
  5. Udupi: one of the most surprising places, Hoode beach. We went there to chase another sunset during our travels. To reach the last part of the beach on this small peninsula, one needs to walk a bit in the greenery of the place and later climb over rocks… to see a spectacular beach with its water deltas and that sunset!
Watching Sunset Nandi Hills

SUNSETS’ bucket list

Bucket list, one lifetime and many dreams. Places to see, experiences to gain, things to accomplish. So how about sunset’s bucket list? Are there sunsets that you would love to watch? Any specific places?

My bucket list is in my mind, it continuously evolves. And yes, it captures also sunsets to admire. My inner motivation and belief to make it happen!

Sunset safari in Africa

My childhood’s dream is to watch a sunset during safari in Kenya, one of the most magical places to enjoy it in Africa. Nature and wildlife immersing in the orange shade of the sun as it sets. Just a thought about witnessing such a picture in real is unbelievable.

Samoan Islands

Back in the elementary school, a book about Samoan Islands was the first book about ‘exotic travels’ that I have read in my life. And since then, I dream to go to Samoan Islands one day. One of the top places in my overall bucket list. Sunset on Samoa Island, one day will make it happen.

Santorini in Greece

A visit in the most beautiful island in the world is yet to happen for me (and my family). Sunset in the white town of Oia, although a highly popular moment and spot, is among my top 5 to experience. Sun merging with the Aegean Sea, reflecting its pink shades and illuminating back this splendid island.

Uluru in Australia

Sunset is Australia is on my list! Watching sunset while standing at the foot of Ayers Rock, famous huge sandstone in the Uluru-Kata National Park, is my travel dream. Seeing colors of the rock changing with the phases of the sun setting down, from dark brown to blood-red. We were considering travel to Australia in the first part of this year, yes – on hold now,

Himalaya mountains

Staying in India: yes, so close, yet so far now. Admiring a sun setting behind Himalaya mountains for now remains on the bucket list. A magical view that I can’t wait to see. I hope that 2021 will make this dream come true!

So which places are on your sunsets’ bucket list?

Watching Sunset Goa



‘Nine years after Jesse and Celine first met, they encounter each other again on the French leg of Jesse’s book tour.’ Watch the movie to chase sunset together with Celine and Jesse!


‘Beach sunset is a mobile application which is solely made to serve the purpose of a meditation app. It provides a real time exclusive experience of the beach while sitting at the couch in your own apartment.’


‘A heartwarming and charming novel about a woman who travels to the Philippines to reconnect with her long-lost family…and manages to find herself along the way.’


‘The Sunset Cookbook is the first masterwork collection of recipes selected from the extensive archives of Sunset magazine. Over 1,000 recipes from the more than 110 years of the magazine’s history.’


‘These lovely illustrations are waiting for your imagination to fill in all the spectacular colors of twilight. Farmhouses, backyards, ocean waves, and more. Be the artist who paints the sky at sunset.’

Moments that matter, no matter where sun sets.

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