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Blog post by the guest blogger and vlogger: Amreen from Dubai / justgowithamreen. Did you miss the previous guest blogger post? Click here to Discover Spain.

Suffice to say, priorities change when you realize your most authentic passions or decide to follow a life-long dream. I’ve had the first-hand experience of this. Everything I aspired to have or used to shop for changed when I became a Travel Vlogger. 

This posed a dilemma for my husband and friends. They wanted to buy me birthday or anniversary presents that would be of genuine use to me as I set out on my new career path.


Being a travel blogger or vlogger certainly ain’t cheap, something I learned the hard way when I dove head-first into this career. There are small costs aplenty which can often pile up into one, much more significant, investment. 

Now, this may be fine for a handful of lucky (or money-savvy) people. However, for someone who is starting with no savings or financing, this could be a pricey hobby with no immediate return on investment. Hence, I decided to compile a list of potential gifts that would be beneficial to anyone creating a blog or travel vlogs. Or, perhaps you already have a travel blog or video blog, and you’re just looking to treat yourself[e1].

The list below has been put together based on my personal travel experiences, extensive research and the opinions of fellow vloggers and bloggers. I already use a few of the products listed, though I would love it if someone would consider sending me one of the gifts I have spoken about. Is now the time to mention that my birthday is in August? Anyway, I digress – Happy Shopping!


1: JOBY GORILLA POD– A must-have piece of equipment for any vlogger

Gift guide Joby Gorilla Pod

Coming in at number one is the Joby Gorrila Pod, the pinnacle of gifts for any vlogger. This versatile tripod is ultra-flexible and stabilizes your camera while filming – no shaky shots here. Not only will the stand help you shoot great content, but it’s also compact and super light (less than 1lb), meaning it’s easy to carry wherever your travels take you. What’s more, this particular model can hold a camera weighing up to 3kg – pretty impressive!

2: Invest in a KINDLE: Read more to improve your blog writing skills

Gift guide Kindle

There is no better way to expand your knowledge than to read. Read widely, deeply, and as much as you can. 

If you do, you’re sure to notice how much your writing skills improve and the wealth of new information you digest, both of which translate to an overall improved blog. An improved blog means an engaged audience and more subscribers – great, right? 

Better yet, gone are the days when you had to go to a store to buy a hard copy of a book. Yes, those books may weigh you down when you’re trying to travel light. Instead, you can order a Kindle. Peruse thousands of books, download them, and there you have it – a multitude of literature, quite literally, in the palm of your hands. 

3: Make your vlog stand out with an ANNUAL MUSIC SUBSCRIPTION

Gift guide music

If you’re looking to help your friend or partner on the road to success as a vlogger, look no further than a music subscription. When I started my YouTube vlog, this was one of the first investments I had to make.

 I can’t stress enough how essential it is to have access to a vast music library. Having a variety of sound effects will help your YouTube videos stand out. Epidemic is ideal for vloggers; you have an unlimited number of downloads available, and it’s also the most cost-effective option I came across. Beyond my recommendation, it comes highly recommended by several renowned travel vloggers too.

4: GO PRO / ACTION CAMERA MOUNTS and accessories – Taking the hassle out of filming vlogs

Go Pro Action Camera Mounts

Go Pros and other action cameras are an important part of any vlogger’s toolkit. However, mounting these cameras can be a hassle, particularly if you’re going scuba diving or zip-lining, for example. 

That’s why I’ve included the ’61 in 1 Action Camera Accessories Kit’; with a huge variety of mounts included, you’ve got a whole host of options to manage your camera in a way that will be safe, secure and will keep you hands-free. Another great gift for the vloggers in your life! 

5: TRAVEL JOURNAL WITH PEN HOLDER – Your most treasured souvenir

Travel Journal

At number 5, a personal favorite of mine. Journaling is a big part of your travels; it gives you a chance to reminisce on the great memories you made and helps you to remember all the little details that you may come to forget. For this reason, I am very particular about what kind of travel journal I purchase. 

There are so many travel journals of all types and sizes, but this one stands out for me; from the hardcover to the thickness of the sheets, it’s just perfect. It also comes with a handy penholder, a valuable addition that saves me time digging through my handbag.

6: DJI OSMO – Great footage from your phone


The DJI Osmo may verge on the expensive side, but it has proved to be one of the most valuable investments made in my vlogging career so far. Originally, I used the selfie-stick for my vlogs. However, I soon discovered this useful, little-yet-amazing piece of filming equipment. 

There are a ton of super-useful functions built into the DJI Osmo to help maximize your video shooting skills, including slow motion, timelapse, hyper-lapse, and sport modes, as well as many others. 

The best way to get to grips with this gadget is to have a play around until you figure out how it works best for the content you’re filming. If you are starting your vlog and are using your phone to film footage, this is a must-have.

7: CONVERT KIT SUBSCRIPTION – Email Marketing for your vlogging/blogging business

Though I haven’t purchased a subscription to Convert Kit as of yet, I’ve spent a lot of time researching articles, checking out blogging courses and speaking to other bloggers about this marketing tool.

Based on these premises, it seems like Convert Kit is one of the most user-friendly ultimate email marketing platforms for your business.

Whether you’re a travel blogger or a vlogger, email marketing is an essential aspect to consider when starting your business, as it enables your followers to keep up to date with your latest activity, and you can use it as a tool to directly promote your services to people. As I said, I haven’t used Convert Kit before, but I plan on doing so in the future – I’ll update you when I do.

8: SONY A6600 – Because every vlogger needs quality footage

Sony A6600

In recent times, there’s been an incredible rise in interest in vlogging. As such, several camera companies have innovated to meet the needs of the vlogging boom, creating equipment specifically suited to creating vlogs. One such camera is the SonyA6600. 

While it may be slightly more costly, I would consider it more of an investment than an expense, and it’s truly worth every cent. I believe Sony is way ahead of the league in terms of producing cameras that film quality video footage and the Sony A6600 is no different. It features a mirrorless 24-mega pixel camera and a built-in image stabilizer – the latter aspect alone had me sold. Irrespective of whether you’re a travel blogger or vlogger, you will need a lightweight camera that clicks quality photos.

9: TUBEBUDDY SUBSCRIPTION – A Tool for YouTube Success


From what I’ve seen, YouTube is one social media platform that’s very tricky to understand in terms of its algorithms. After careful consideration, I decided to invest in a tool called TubeBuddy. It is widely known as the number one tool to optimize and grow your YouTube channel, and after using it, I couldn’t agree more. 

Initially, I was very skeptical, and for the first 2-3 weeks, I didn’t see any difference in growth or engagement on my channel. However, after the third week, my numbers spiked dramatically. YouTube began picking up and advertising my videos as a suggested watch. What with my channel being reasonably new, the average number of views on my videos were limited to a few hundred. 

However, they say patience is a virtue, and in my fourth week, the view numbers on my recently released blog rose to 1000+ views. I was blown away. If there is a tool that can help to grow your channel organically, this is it!

10: SUPERSTAR BLOGGING COURSE – Must-have blogging skills for any TRAVELER


Last, but certainly not least, is the SuperStar Blogging Course. Whether you’re a blogging pro looking to upskill or an amateur just starting, I would highly recommend this blogger’s course. 

Hosted online, the 8-week course allows you to learn at your own pace. The instructors hold 4 to 8 live Q&A sessions each month and give 1-to-1 feedback on your blog writing skills. Additionally, they have forums that can help you troubleshoot several technical issues of your website. If you are looking for a blogger’s course that reaps the benefits of the time and money you put into it, I would recommend SuperStar. 

And there you have it – the ten best gifts to receive as a travel blogger or vlogger. They’ve certainly helped me in my vlogging career, and I hope they can help your loved ones’ too. Can you think of any other ‘must-haves’? Let me know in the comments below. 

Moments that matter, no matter the gift.

Re-post of a blog post, link to the original post can be found here: justgowithamreen.

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