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DIY pillows ideas… hmm… did you know this side of me? I am a big enthusiast of DIY and things that can be done at home. Yes, turning simple ideas into reality and when done with heart, it multiplies the value of things!

Creating means living.

Would you select to sleep on a bought pillow or one done by yourself? Or would you prefer to receive as a gift an item that was handmade or rather bought? I always love to give, as well as receive a handmade gift as it adds to a personal touch. I will share with you few ideas! Maybe I will manage to inspire you not only to visit new places but also to do some new things!

my diy

‘Miles traveller. Creative soul. A-going mom. Wife at heart. Constantly chasing life moments.’ That’s how my ABOUT ME page starts. There are many posts on the blog about travels, just to name recent one about India or one of my favorite trips, Panama. As a mom I have written about flying with babies, maternity leave and motherhood. As a wife? Yes, our Polish Indian story and 3 marriages! And nothing very specific about creative side of me. It is time to change it, with this post!

Creativity must be part of my DNA, lucky me! My parents and my grand-parents used to create a lot of things on their own: sewing, crochet, knitting, coffee table, stools etc. That’s how I learnt to appreciate more the real value of handmade. Just observing them on how things were made was my greatest DIY lesson of life.

It is not just about creativity, it is about the person you are becoming while you’re creating.

Charlie Peacock

I love coming up with new ideas and implementing them, be it at work or private life. Good imagination plays a key role to help me see things already transformed so I can be more confident about my recommendations. There is nearly no day that some new idea starts to ‘chase me’. Currently it is a Montessori car seat play mat. I can see it in my mind, the picture of it is not complete as I love the imagination to shape its final outcome as I work. Creating slows me down while keeping active, it gives me new energy and future motivation to do more. It helps me to improve, to challenge myself. That’s the best part of it.

Best compliment so far? One of my colleagues got inspired by my work. She learnt on her own how to sew using the sewing machine. She is amazing, sewing her clothes now. Hug to her.

creative at home

I am sure that most of us experienced creating something new at home. Especially in the recent months, when the time at home extended and we had more opportunities to dedicate to the space around us and our hobbies. And it isn’t really about pillows. It is just one small drop in the ocean. From packing a gift, baking a new cake, painting a rock, to creating a new coffee table or renovating a house. List in unlimited. What matters is giving it a try, finding your own passion and sharing it with others. It can be contagious, very positively contagious!

What are some of other pluses of creating things at home?

Create the things you wish existed.

  • Nothing gives more satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment than seeing the end product or end result!
  • You can create the things you wish existed
  • It can be very relaxing, particularly when you manage to find your passion
  • It can be a great family time activity, especially when done with children
  • You can use natural products (e.g. limiting plastic), making things more eco-friendly
  • You can enjoy recycling previous items, giving them a new ‘life’
  • It might a great idea for a gift, making at least two people happy (receiver and you!)
  • Creating something new gives an immense level of new and positive energy

So what are you waiting for? Get ready, wear your creative cap and make something new!


Every time I travel, one of the first things I do when checking in to the hotel is to check about potential “pillow menu” of the hotel. I love comfortable pillows and I believe in the benefits of aromatherapy – herbal pillows, some of the hotels offer them! So my first DIY post is dedicated to them: handmade pillows!

standard PILLOW

DIY Pillows Ideas: Standard Pillow

“Standard pillow” is the first thing that I have made using a sewing machine! So the idea of it stays close to my heart! I still have it at home in Poland, colorful one, done for Our Bigger Angel. This is the simplest of pillows and It is really down to our own actual needs or imagination (e.g. patchwork, boho decor, specific shapes etc). Like this grey and yellow pillow. I was just to take pictures of the apartment for rent and all I was missing in the bedroom was long pillow of grey and yellow colors. Too little time left to buy online or to search right color and shape in shops. So I found this ideally matching fabric and other base material and very quickly it was ready!


Remember to do sewing on the reverse side of both fabrics, placed front side together. Just before finishing, leave a small gap so that the fabrics can be reversed and pillow cover can be filled in with cotton. I close the gap manually, it can be done also using sewing machine.

  • Fabric
  • Sewing machine (or hand stitching)
  • Scissors / pins
  • Pillow filling
  • Optional: zip


DIY Pillow Ideas Travel Pillow

I think that everything that I create has a story behind it! And it applies also to travel neck pillows! Creating ~30 pieces within one week? (and I wasn’t off at work!) Two years ago I wanted to make something special for Our Bigger Angel as the return gifts during her birthday party. So I invented handmade travel pillows! I was in Poland then, that’s where ‘production’ started: sewing part! Then I brought all to India where Our Bigger Angel joined me in the action to fill in all and do the final steps. Useful tip: remember to attach ribbon so you can tag it to your backpack when travelling. My pillow gives me a company on all long flights!


I suggest to use an existing template to cut the initial shape. Follow the steps as for the standard pillow. One addition: before sewing both fabrics together, place ribbon in between the fabric on one side, to integrate it.

  • Cotton / soft fabric
  • Travel pillow pattern, example pattern here
  • Sewing machine (or hand stitching)
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors / pins
  • Pillow filling


DIY Butterfly Pillow

Butterfly pillow, popular one for small babies, especially newborn ones. And the first pillow that I made for Our Little One. Matching color to her swaddle blanket that I made as a set. Pillows for newborn can be done in different shape options, I like this one a lot. Especially after few months of the age, Our Little One enjoyed also holding its ‘wings’ while sleeping giving additional comfort. Ideal also as a gift!


Also here I suggest to use an existing template to cut the initial shape. When filling in pillow with the cotton leave the middle part with less filling, as newborn babies are advised to sleep on flat surface. To ensure that cotton doesn’t move to center, sew twice vertically on front side of the pillow, once filling is in, to create ‘wings’.

  • Cotton fabric
  • Butterfly pillow pattern (unless you want to give it a try yourself), I used the one from a Polish blog ‘metry i centymetry’
  • Sewing machine (or hand stitching)
  • Pillow fillings
  • Scissors / pins


DIY Mustard Seeds Pillow

Of course I couldn’t end up with only one pillow for Our Little One 😀 (better don’t ask My Better Half how many pillows were there at some point on hall sofa) Mustard seed pillow is amazing! Not only it helps in shaping baby’s head well, it also allows right air circulation. For me super useful in India, especially during warm season Our Little One slept mainly on the mustard seed one. Get ready to buy stock of seeds, for one pillow around 2 kg of seeds is needed. Also here, one can be creative with shapes! First I did one cloud shape, then one that had a cover as useful for washing. And… I was able to do one more, with an excuse we need one also in Poland! 2 kg pillow flew with us to Gdansk.


To cut the fabric you can use your imagination or existing template. Then proceed with standard pillow steps. Just before filling in the cover with seeds, create first the center portion by sewing it on the front side. Then, as last step, fill in mustard seeds and stitch twice (for safety) to close the pillow cover.

  • Cotton fabric
  • ~2 kg of mustard seeds
  • Sewing machine (it is a must to ensure safety)
  • Scissors / pins


DIY Mandala Pillow

Mandala pillow, I like this idea a lot! Short story is: we have a nice swing on the balcony in India. However the pillow is white and it was without any cover, getting dusty. And cleaning a pillow that doesn’t fit in the washing machine isn’t easy. Rounded cover was needed. I was more than happy! New small project! As I love mandalas I thought it might be perfect to be used as a cover. So I bought online a big cloth with mandala print out on it. I found back fabric, brown color. And created this super nice swing pillow! Additional trick: using mandala cloth for round pillows is much easier – cutting is very simple! Just follow mandala’s circle!


Follow steps as for standard pillow. As I suggest to keep mandala pillow as cover, incorporate a zip or latches in the back side of the pillow or side, so it becomes invisible.

  • Mandala cloth, available online, example here
  • Back fabric
  • Round cushion or cushion filling
  • Sewing machine (as the pillow is bigger)
  • Scissors
  • Optional: zip or latches


DIY Balcony Floor Pillow

One of my favorite projects. I call it “bottle cap” pillow. The idea to create it came really spontaneously! I received some nice pieces of eco leather, among them my favorite grey shades! It was a warm summer and all I wanted was to sit down on the floor on the balcony… I imagined my floor pillow as round one, so I brought upholstery sponge in this shape but one can create any shape of it! What was also great about this project: it is super fast! Using two pieces of eco leather (grey on the top and dark blue below), sponge and staple gun (staple below, trying to hide staples as much as possible) within 1 hour I had super fancy floor pillow ready! It is big, comfortable and… hand made! I just love it!


This pillow is done on the front side of both fabrics, covering the sponge. Important: place the leather well, creating the right shape and keeping fabric evenly around the pillow. Staple on the backside, trying to hide staples and ensuring they are fixed well.

What you need
  • 2 pieces of eco leather or waterproof fabric
  • Upholstery sponge
  • Staple gun
  • Scissors

Imagine. Create. Inspire.


Looking for more inspirations? I love these two books with actual projects, they are always with me!

Moments that matter, no matter the pillow.

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