Top 5 posts of the first year: Chasing Life Moments

5 Top Posts Of The First Year

Top 5 posts of the first year of Chasing Life Moments blog! Yes, my blog. 17th December 2019 was the day of my first blog post! That’s one year now! Time is flying, and 2020 has been a unique, unexpected, yet interesting year. Let’s see what 2021 will bring us!

This blog was always on my mind, and I am so happy and proud that I made it happen. So how were these first 12 months? 54 posts were published with no missed week. Believe me: with all happening in life, sometimes it is challenging to make things happen, yet I made it. It included hundreds of pictures, hundreds of hours spent doing write-ups, editing, back-end changes. Among these 54 posts, 5 posts were prepared by guest bloggers from different parts of the world. It is amazing to cooperate with other, so wonderful, bloggers!

Today, I want to share my blog’s top 5 posts of the first year, the ones that got the most attention! Which ones? From homecation to the initial blog post. Let’s not forget about our 3 marriages (and all related posts) and balanced lifestyle. And the one that is missed by most of us the most these days: air travel – a comfortable journey!

Rejoin me today for these 5 journeys! Before we take off… I want to thank you for being with me, supporting me with your presence, challenging me with your feedback, and inspiring me with new ideas! You are part of this blog too. And if you want to hear more often from me, visit my Instagram page.

Thank you again! Enjoy the top 5 stories!



Homecation. For many people till this year it was a pretty unknown term. Be it constant need of juggling between many things: family, work, home, daily duties, friends, travels, entertainment among many. Or maybe as few of us, to some extent, tried to run away from home for one more customer meeting, one more important outing, long hours in office, never-ending friends’ gatherings. Meanwhile, this year it all has changed. In brief: we can’t run away far. And many of us have finally traveled back home. Extended stay. Homecation.

In English it is “East or West, home’s the best” or simply “finally home”. In my mother tongue, Polish, we say “wszędzie dobrze, ale w domu najlepiej” (“everywhere it is good, but at home it is best”). Words that always ring in my head, reminding me my family home place. Touching doorstep after any trip, feeling the ambience of home, I could not miss to say these words aloud. Henceforth even today, back from any journey, and entering home – be it in Poland or India – these words get loud.



I have just realized and questioned myself. Why do we call this time ‘isolation’? Is being with self and people we love the most in this world an isolation? Or on the reverse – it is finally: time together! Seems unlimited, so cool as it hasn’t really happened on this scale before. So remember, homecation is a time together: with self and / or people you love most, enjoying it at home as if it was your best holiday time!

You think I am too optimistic as you are still overwhelmed with all happening at home? Don’t worry. I understand, I am in it too. Just that as much as I love to go out, wander and roam around – I love to stay at home too. For this to happen there are 3 magical elements needed:

  •  love being with yourself
  •  love spending time with your family
  •  love your home




This blog has been on my mind for a while now.

And guess what… so focused on chasing life moments I struggled to make it happen, trying to expand what isn’t expandable: time, trying to go beyond daily 24 hours. Or maybe simply: I wasn’t ready yet? Maybe few things had to happen before that, maybe few thoughts had to evolve enough to let them fly further or maybe “time needs to be right for right things to happen.” Yes, now it chased me, successfully!

So, what is all this chasing life about?

Today’s world makes most of us chase every single day, every opportunity, every happiness… simply its each moment. And while running around all the time, this is the place for me to stop (oh yes, I truly struggle with this!) and share a bit of memories, some tips, a few highlights. So that moments can last and can be celebrated more – giving something back: always more smile.




1 love, 3 marriages and 6 wedding dresses does not sound that common. Maybe what is unique is part of us and our story, making it more special to us, as this is what matters.

Certainly, all relationships require a lot of understanding, communication, patience and flow mixed with fun. Sometimes it seems to me that our one requires even double of it  different countries, continents, cultures and traditions. Many of them have a lot of things in common, even if initially not that obvious to see these similarities. Yet, differences are there too! And all of it makes it interesting, often very interesting. So is our marriages story! This time no tips nor recommendations. For a change, I hope just some fun reading instead!  

August 2018

We are sitting on “life changing sofa” in one of Bangalore hotels, finalizing our master plan. Not what we will have for dinner nor the next holiday destination. Life plan. In short: to get married, to start living together, to become a family. If you are undecided till date in your life, I can share with you offline address details of that “life changing sofa” as we called it, it worked magic for us!  

Draft of our plan was focused on getting married, rest life will show – let’s live the moment. Following initial exploration around documents and requirements done in July we have our draft plan ready. In nutshell: small civil marriage in India, followed by small church marriage in Poland. Two gatherings, yes – smaller ones too, for our family and close friends, making sure we do something both in India and Poland. Sounded not complicated, why to call it “master plan” in the first place. Maybe as it was a big step for us, important.

Actual planning and making things happen was left. Hmm, I guess that in it all I just didn’t understand one thing: my better half kept on saying that for civil marriage in India we do not really need guests from Poland, including my parents. And I kept on saying we need at least parents… first disconnect? Lack of understanding? Or maybe something more behind it?




Balanced lifestyle. Some people might wonder if it is necessary, while some might think if it is possible at all. Important is: no one else is exactly in your shoes. You know your life and its style the best. If that little spark of happiness is there each day. Whether you can still find inside you that little kid who smiles with no major reason. If that little time aside is kept and protected by you. It is difficult to find a right definition or an answer. Or rather, don’t search for one. Simply, you know it best yourself!



NUMBER 1: Find your own way to feel more balanced in life

No one should tell you the answer. Or rather, if they say – ignore the advise. If you feel that for you, one thing works magic – follow it or at least try it for some time. If some suggestion doesn’t work, don’t force it just because it works for someone else. Ask yourself. We do so little of it (or maybe I just don’t hear others’ thoughts ). For this first point I won’t give you any suggestions. You will know it best!

What is balance to me?

6 years ago I wrote my own credo. A part of it was saying “Aim… at balance searching for my inner self”. That was my self-realization moment. That’s when I understood that balance is one of the key values in my life.

Balance for me is to find the right proportion, some sort of median. The one that will include all sort of emotions and feelings, always with 1% more on the ‘bright side’. It is awareness and conscious decisions on how to benefit from 24 hours that we have, making sure that work doesn’t take over, that we dedicate time for everyone who is important (including ourselves!), our daily duties and daily moments of joy. To balance well in life, just when I do the headstand, I use my core. Core values. What is meaningful for me – goes first.




Air travel as a comfortable journey. Today most of us are waiting to travel, impatiently waiting! Or at the minimum would like to see some light at the end of the tunnel, maybe some time frame, at least. When the commercial planes will touch the sky again. And when we will be able to admire the beauty of the world. Still, the current situation doesn’t stop us from future planning and getting ready once skies will open again. I can’t wait, and you?



When travelling, I love a bit of comfort. For many reasons: be it many intercontinental flights, more than one connection, less sleep the night before or simply: to relax and enjoy the journey more. Be it at the airport, on the plane or just after landing. Sometimes when I travel with multiple timezone changes, to overcome jet-lag, I start exploring the place as soon as I arrive. So yes, being fresh and relaxed is important!

How can we turn air travels into more comfortable experience? What to do to arrive at your final destination still energetic? How to turn the journey into moments that you will love to remember?

Below I am sharing some of my personal experiences. They include different elements of the travel. Starting with the initial planning and then actual trip: from airport, through plane and finally when you reach your destination or rather hotel pillow! If you are travelling with a baby, you can explore my previous post. And also this time, do share your air travel tips in the comments section below – let’s benefit together!

As air travels are yet to be restarted in the world, bookmark this post. Add it to your favorites, so that you could benefit in the future months. As simply, air travel = comfortable journey. Welcome onboard, fasten your seat belt and remember to enjoy this flight!


Which post was your favorite of the first year of ChasingLifeMoments blog? Is there any topic that is of your interest and it could be covered here? The more feedback and ideas, the better! There is plenty of space in the comment boxes below! 🙂

Moments that matter, no matter which post.

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