New Year bucket list: Fascinating places and ways to celebrate

New Year Bucket List

New Year bucket list: fascinating places and ways to celebrate this unique night. What is it? Isn’t it a bit too late? Don’t worry, that’s a bucket list. Bucket lists, challenging and inspirational, can’t be completed overnight. Additionally, with the current travel restrictions in place, this article might be more applicable for future planning, for many ‘new years’ to celebrate.

In 2021, let’s start making your dreams come true.

First, let’s switch on the ‘dreaming’ mode. And later on, explore what you could incorporate into your bucket list. I wish all of us that 2021/2022 New Year night will be full of travels and adventures!


I love to travel. I wrote about my traveling a bit more in ‘Travel & Taste’, you can read it again. I am sure that you love traveling as well. And now, more than ever before – we miss it. We can’t wait to go and explore, admire new countries, cross new items from the bucket lists… yes, having a bucket list can be inspirational. Bucket list: one lifetime, many dreams – don’t miss this post if you haven’t read it yet! 

Northern Lights in Norway

I have celebrated New Year, next to my two homes in Poland and India, in some of the European cities, like Paris, London, Barcelona. Still, my New Year bucket list and ideas are long! How about you? If given a chance, where would you love to celebrate it? Is it Times Square in NYC? Or maybe mountain chalet in Aspen or Zermatt? How about sunbathing in Maldives or Seychelles? Choices are many, just like dreams.


You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.

I am fully aware that most of the New Year travel dreams won’t come true this year. That’s why I have decided to share this article after the New Year but still with the celebration’s spirit in the air. Why? So that the below list can become part of our bucket lists, yes – mine too! It is great to gather ideas that are there inside my head and to prepare potential inspirations. Maybe this post will influence some of you a bit?

The below list is also my dream list. The pretty thing about it is: many of these places are magical regardless of the date! So it doesn’t need to be a New Year’s night. Of course, that night has its charm. But who said that the other 364 nights (and days) aren’t even better? So let’s start. Today it is a real journey around the world!


Tonga. Just imagine, you are at the Pacific island of Tonga, celebrating the New Year as the first location in the world. It must be unique, fancy, and ‘the first in the world’ feeling and experience. The Kingdom of Tonga is a Polynesian archipelago country consisting of 169 islands. Only 36 of them are inhabited. The easiest way to reach Tonga? From New Zealand!


American Samoa. Would you prefer to get extra 24 hours for better preparation for the New Year celebration? Or maybe it just sounds better to know that “last will be first”? Then pack and get ready to fly to American Samoa. Just 898km (558 miles) from Tonga, which celebrates exactly 1 day before. Samoa is on the top of my bucket list, no matter the time of the year! And to be more precise: these are Baker Island and Howland Island that celebrate last in the world. Just that both places are uninhabited. Let’s fly to Samoa!

New Year Bucket List Istanbul


Istanbul. One of my favorite cities in the world that I have visited. The most magical part of Istanbul for me? It is located on two continents, just like the entire country. Europe and Asia connect exactly there, in Istanbul, via three bridges. Bosphorus Bridge (officially known as 15 July Martyrs Bridge) is 1.56km long, the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge (also called as Second Bosphorus Bridge), is 1.51km, while Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge (Third Bosphorus Bridge) is 2.16km. Just imagine: as the night marks midnight – you are in Europe. A few minutes later, you can be in Asia. Incredible, right?


Portugal & Spain, Sweden & Finland, Hungary & Romania. These are just examples of places in the world where it is possible to spend not one but two New Years! How? The benefit of different time zones! That’s for sure on my New Year bucket list. I love the idea of it! Just imagine: you are opening a champagne bottle in the first country, enjoying there for 20min. And then you can do the “hop” to the second location. Of course, with a brand new bottle of champagne! Who wouldn’t like to join?

New Year Bucket List Polar Night


Polar Circle. Imagine that you are in the Polar Circle during Dec/Jan timeframe. As the result, it is the polar night. It is a phenomenon when the night lasts for more than 24 hours. It is dark all day and night long, kind of ideal setting for New Year Eve, especially firework shows! Additionally, Polar Circle’s nature is beautiful all year long. It is wonderful when it is covered with snow and ice. The natural ambiance setup makes it an ideal place for the New Year celebration!


Arctic Circle: Alaska, Canada, Iceland, Greenland, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. We are going one step further and amending the New Year celebration spot from one of the Polar Circles to the Arctic one! Why? To add the most magical vibes to the New Year celebration: northern lights show! Yes, natural sky fireworks. And if we add to it the New Year fireworks display, isn’t it too magical to imagine? If yes, it should be experienced to believe!

New Year Bucket List Northern Lights


New Year Island, be it in Australia, Argentina, or the US. Most of us know about Easter Island in Chile. Do you know that there are a few New Year islands too? They are in different corners of the world. So it gives you even more chances to visit! Is it creative enough to celebrate New Year in the New Year? 🙂 Or maybe to create a new bucket list: festivals islands! New Year, Easter, Christmas Islands… Yes, my creativity is on!


Sydney. It is believed that Sydney has the best New Year fireworks show in the entire world. The fireworks display changes every year. It is located around the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It is good to know that there are two shows: a smaller one at 9 PM (for families with younger children) and the main show at midnight. It is best to watch both, if possible! And of course, the midnight show is a must! How can the show be watched? Few options: cruise boat (potentially, the most expensive version), the Sydney Opera House – New Year concert, event/party with harbor view, paid or free entry park. Of course, the best view options will mean a higher cost. Still, super worth it!


Copacabana Beach, in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. It is on my bucket list. Yes, the number of people welcoming the New Year might be overwhelming (in 2019/2020 it was nearly 3 million). But I guess it highlights how special that place is (and big as the beach area). In 2019, when the clock marks midnight, a breathtaking 14-minute fireworks show colored the Rio de Janeiro sky. It is considered to be the biggest New Year beach party on earth and the second biggest event in Rio, after Carnival. One, or the other – I want to experience one day! Are you joining?


Home. Simply home. If you spent New Year at home, be happy and grateful for it! Because there is no place like home. So toss some confetti in the air and celebrate!

Dear Future, I am ready.

What is your New Year dream location? Is there any idea from the above New Year bucket list that made you more interested or might influence your future travel plans? Share in comments! Sharing is caring. And…


Moments that matter, no matter the new year.

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