How I recovered from Covid-19: Practical dos and don’ts

How I recovered from Covid-19

How I recovered from Covid-19, and what are some of the practical dos and don’ts? Last week I shared with you my Covid-19 story. Thank you for all the follow-up messages of care and wishes.

As the days passes by, we see more friends being impacted by Covid-19. In some parts of the world, the situation is improving and in the others new waves are on the way. It is a very dynamic situation.

After these four challenging and tiring weeks, I want to share with you some of the dos and don’t during Coronavirus recovery. We were supported by a few doctors who gave us practical bits of advice. It is time for us to share it further so that our learning can potentially help others.


My story last week finished with a line saying that our Covid’s story continues. So let me share with you the latest update first.

19-May (Bangalore Covid+ 11,772)

Today is the last day of the medication for Our Bigger Angel. What a great day! We are so happy. We all feel good now, just tired. There are two reasons: Our Bigger Angel and I are getting tired very fast as a post-Covid symptom. Plus we are all tired as the last month has been very exhausting. But mentally, we feel so good to know it is over!


Yesterday afternoon we all got tested for Covid. Today we got the results of our tests. And you know what? We are all negative! Party time! 🙂 We are ready to travel next week! Maybe not packed yet, but mentally ready for the upcoming journey!




If you or your family members (friends you met) demonstrate any potential symptoms, don’t ignore them. Assume that it might be Covid-19, but do not panic. Start monitoring your symptoms regularly. Our dear doctors advised us to track them. It turned out to be very useful later on.


Contact a doctor without delay. Do not wait for days assuming all will be fine. If you contract Covid-19, the situation might change in a very dynamic way. Best, get professional advice and contact the required service (e.g., health service organization that will assist you with testing, etc.)


Your doctor might ask you to track regularly body temperature and oxygen level in your blood. Having an oximeter at home can help so much! It is recommended to check vitals every 6 hours and track. I have created a monitoring card that can be useful for tracking during confirmed or potential Covid-19. YOu can download it from the link below!


From day one, together with the assumption that it might be Covid-19, there is a need to isolate. Stay home and also additionally isolate yourself at home, not to infect your family members. If you have children, decide on the best isolation setup. In our case, initially, we isolated in two mini-teams: me with Our Little one and My Better Half together with Our Bigger Angel.

How I recovered from Covid-19 positive


Test, if needed. You might have a free-of-cost or a paid testing option. Be aware that there might be a challenge with the test result. In around 25% of cases, the test might not recognize Covid. If your symptoms continue and you assume Covid, act as if you had it. In our case, the test detected just my virus, 1 out of 3. Our Bigger Angel’s virus was confirmed by the CT (computed tomography). Luckily we started her Covid treatment on time, even without having positive test results.


A challenging item. If you are Covid positive or you live with a contracted person, wear a mask also at home. I know that it is tiring to wear a mask all the time. I was positive. Constantly, I was feeling tired, so being in a face mask at home was difficult. Also, change the face mask often, every few hours. Before you dispose of it, disinfect it and cut the elastics.


Sanitize hands at home and/or wash hands regularly. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth as these are the entry points for the virus. We have at home also disinfectants spray and use them regularly, both after using a specific space at home or during cleaning.


Is it just about isolating, wearing a face mask, and sanitizing at home? Not really! Yes, it might be tiring. Covid virus and medicine drains out the energy, plus extra care is needed at home. What else should be done? Using kitchen or bathroom (if there is only one at home) should be done post disinfecting the used area. You should wash clothes and towels after every usage. We had separate kitchen sponges in the kitchen; I wore only daily disposal lenses, etc. It is an entire home set-up that is very helpful in not spreading the virus and limiting its growth and duration.


If your oximeter starts to drop below 94 or you feel out of breath, try the prone position. It might be helpful as an immediate help to raise the oxygen level and as the long-term support in the Covid treatment. Check these two links for more details about the prone position: How to Improve the Oxygen Levels? and Prone Position for Covid-19 Patients.


Covid prevention? Take care of your immunity system, increase antioxidants intake. Take vitamin D and vitamin C. Additionally you can add zinc. Covid treatment? Consult your doctor. Our doctor suggested zinc, vitamin D, and vitamin C. Follow the doctor’s advice for the correct dosage. Tip: limit milk intake when taking zinc to increase its efficacy.

How I recovered from Covid-19 test

STEAM & gargle

Both when having any initial symptoms and during Covid-19 treatment, gargle and steam should be your best friends! Do saltwater (or any other medicine, based on your doctor’s direction) gargle and hot steam three times a day. If you have a nebulizer at home, use it regularly as well. Important, continue with steams and gargles for a few weeks after the Covid treatment is over.


Following our doctors’ advice, it is essential to drink a lot of water. How many fluids to intake? Daily total 4 liters; this should include 2 liters of direct intake and 2 liters of indirect intake via soups and other food items. Consider also home remedies! I am sure that you know many from your childhood. Maybe milk and turmeric or milk and garlic. Need ideas? Check one of my previous posts.


Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax.



Don’t underestimate the Covid situation in case you feel any symptoms. Each of us can react to the virus differently. It is an individual and dynamic situation. One day you might feel good, and the second day you might be short of breath, calling for an ambulance. Also, forget any statistics. In our case, it was Our Bigger Angel who felt worse, although children are said to deal with Covid much better. 


Don’t ignore your body signals. If you feel any initial symptoms, that’s the first yellow card. Symptoms during Covid can both last for a while and also change very frequently. For me, it was a little rollercoaster. The first 2 days of very mild symptoms, the next 3 days nothing, and then the situation worsened. Listen to your body and act accordingly. If you feel tired and all you need is to sleep, just do it.


Many doctors say that the more critical week is the second one during the Covid virus. The initial week starts with the first day of the symptom. And sometimes, that can be a less challenging week. Potential complications and difficulties can develop in the second week. That’s when continuous oxygen level measurement is so critical.


Our doctors advised us to stop ordering any outside food during our Covid treatment. It might be tiring to cook on your own, especially when living alone. Maybe someone from the family or neighbors could support you. Good nutrition, many fluids intake, and relaxation can help you to cure faster.


When eating yummy home food, remember to keep it healthy! 🙂 We were suggested to limit sugar intake. It might increase Covid spread or take longer to cure. It is known that both obesity and diabetes can bring additional complications during the treatment. So best, hide the chocolate for a few weeks! 🙂

The list is not complete. In the past weeks, when we were down with Covid, we received many great suggestions. Some of them very comprehensive! It all helped us a lot. If you feel that something helped you, your family, or friends who suffered from Covid, add in the comments below. Let’s share. Sharing is caring!

Moments that matter, no matter the dos.

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