Flying with a teenager: Secrets to a happy journey

Flying with a Teenager

Flying with a teenager: secrets to a happy journey! Summer holidays are approaching for most of us. For some, they are already happening! If you live in the southern part of the world, you might be planning for your winter holidays soon! One is sure: the holiday season is on! 

Holidays mean relaxation, fun, and travel, very often with the children. While the world is still fighting the pandemic, there are places in the world when the travel restrictions are getting more relaxed. Travel, with the new safety measures and norms, becomes possible again. 

In the previous posts, I shared with you tips about traveling with babies: FLYING WITH A BABY: RELAX, FASTEN YOUR SEATBELTS, AND SMILE!, as well as FLYING WITH A BABY DURING PANDEMIC: VALUABLE TIPS. This time I want to share with you some of my personal experience of flying with a teenager! I hope it helps! 🙂


A teenager definition might be a bit misleading!

Our lovely older daughter, Nia, is 12 years old. As per the English language, she is twelve, not thirTEEN yet. However, for example, in the Polish language, she is already a teenager! (dwaNAŚCIE -> nastolatka (teenager)). We often joke about it with her, whether she is a teenager already or not yet.

Who is a traveling teenager in my eyes? It isn’t really about age. It is more about the eagerness to travel, initial independence, and the ability to self-care. A teenager during the journey usually can manage self and its own needs pretty well. Of course, parents’ or adults’ help is irreplaceable at this age. However, the support factor starts to fade.

It is interesting that many airlines categories children of the age of 12 as either teenagers or adults, as per their pricing models. Also, the same often allows children to travel by plane already on their own.

Hmmm, I think I need to tell Our Bigger Angel… she is a teenager for sure! 🙂


Somewhere on your journey, don’t forget to turn around and enjoy the view.



It is the great thing about teenagers: they want to do many things on their own, in their way. Use this as a great opportunity! Packing can be one of them. It means a lot of relief for you and great satisfaction for your traveling teenager. Suggestion: prepare a travel checklist, one that you can use for many of your travels. You can quickly cross-check if all that is needed was packed.

Flying with a Teenager Nia


It is an important one! To your teenager and your happy journey! Check before the flight its duration (plus the duration of the connections at the airports) and download the necessary movies or music. Of course for your child! Not all flights provide a TV screen option. Some of them provide limited movie selection, or maybe your child likes a specific series or movie type that might not be there.


My daughter asked me to include also this item: a headset. The airlines often provide headsets. However, your child might like a specific type more. So make sure that her or his headset is packed. If it is a small headset – pack even two sets. We already had a few instances of losing them during our travels.


Want to have some fun during the flight with your child? Pack a few games! They might help if the flight or the connection time is longer. Select games that might be played both by one person or more. And remember not to take too big items or things that might be difficult to manage in the limited space in the plane.


Without a doubt: your teenager can easily carry her or his handbag! It will help both of you! You don’t need to carry extra items yourself. Plus, your child can pack all the necessary things that will be needed during the flight. What not to forget? Phone, charger, wallet, snacks, games, pen, notebook, etc. The list is up to your child!


Flying with a Teenager Arrival


This one can be a game-changer for you! How about making it a yes-day when you will travel? What is a yes-day? Simple: you will need to agree to all smaller or bigger requests of your dear child. Of course, you can make some general limits (so that you won’t go bankrupt during airport shopping). Maybe this time, it will be OK to say yes to a Coca-Cola or a movie marathon during the flight. One is sure: all children love yes-days!


During this yes-day, ask your teenager child about sitting preference. And go ahead with it. Letting your child sit when he or she prefers will make it a more comfortable trip for you too. Hopefully, in this way, your child will enjoy the journey more or maybe sleep more. So you can relax a bit too!


Pack in advance a few extra favorite snacks and surprise your child with them during the flight. Snack options during the flights usually are limited. It might bring a smile to your child and fill in the tummy a bit.


Are you usually feeling tired already before boarding the plane? Gather a bit of energy and have fun together! You might want to watch a movie together (e.g., on two different screens), play your favorite game on the paper (e.g., tic tac toe), or make a Solitaire competition. You can also try a special contest: who will fall asleep first! 😉


If nothing really works and your child is not happy about the long travel or suffers from travel sickness, check the Wi-Fi cost during your flight. I don’t know how (haha) but usually, Wi-Fi access works miracles and solves many additional problems. Good luck and safe travels!

Are you ready for this holiday’s travel? What is your best tip for traveling with a teenager or a child? Share in the comments below! Sharing is caring!

Chasing the moments, no matter the age.

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