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Blog post by the guest blogger Roxana, Make This A Journey. It is a second guest blogger this year joining ChasingLifeMoments pages. Missed the first one? Don’t worry. It is here: Best Tips for Visiting Dubai.

I strongly believe that every country or place you visit can give you different kinds of feelings (or ‘vibes’ if you want to sound like cool kids). I’ve always connected with all the places I’ve been to on a deep level. Sometimes I love to simply walk through the streets, randomly exploring while breathing in the air and listening to the sounds of a city or area. It is yet another thing that I find amazing about traveling. You get to ‘feel’ the place you’re in; take in either its humble wonders or the fantasy-novel-like history that makes it unique. You don’t really get that from pictures of a place.


Roxana from Romania

Things you will love about Croatia Roxana

I love coffee, books, cookies, French fries, and traveling. Now that you know the essentials about me. Let’s get to the deeper stuff.

When I was younger, my parents had a very specific ‘routine’: each summer vacation we would go to the mountains for a week or so. We went on hikes, take photos, and had lovely picnics near rivers. I remember that we always had watermelons. We would place them in the cold river water and eat them after they were chilled. It was amazing!

For me, traveling is more than just going to places, taking photos, and checking the most popular places to visit. Traveling is restorative for my soul. When I go to a new place, I find myself. I can think clearly, I can breathe easier, and put my worries and routines on hold. I’ve learned so much about myself during my trips. I love capturing places or things that speak to me, and I want to share my vision with people who share my passion.

Therefore, I created my own travel Instagram page, my canvas where I can share my stories and experiences, and maybe, hopefully, inspire others. It took me a lot of time to choose a name for my page because I wanted something that represents me and my beliefs. ‘Make this a journey’ fit that perfectly, because this is what it’s about, right?

What is my journey through this life about? Well, I haven’t found the answer to that yet, but what burns inside me is the desire to travel, to see the whole world, to learn about cultures, religion, people, and, hopefully, to have a positive impact.


Here are some things that carved Croatia into a special place in my heart.

The vibe of the country as a whole

The amazing carefree feeling and relaxing atmosphere infused in this wonderful country are two reasons I would always return to Croatia. During my one week in Croatia, I felt happy and excited every time I would visit a new location. Every city gave me a different vibe: Rovinj is romantic and chic; Split is exotic, with its palm trees and amazing ice cream, and Dubrovnik has that old and full of history space vibe. Also, I was able to be close to nature, while visiting the Plitvice and Krka Parks.

The beaches

That crystal water and stunning wild beaches, make for a perfect day to bathe in the sun. Most of Croatia’s beaches are rocky, but there are some sandy ones as well. Some of the more popular ones are Zlatni Rat (Brac Island), Dubrovnik Beach (in Dubrovnik), Nin Beach (near Zadar, 30-minute drive). Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to visit all the famous ones, but we did find a small, secluded, beach in Split that was unexpectedly beautiful. You can find the link below with the location.

The phenomenal views

Every city I’ve been to has at least one point from where you’re able to see Croatia’s gorgeous landscape. I found some amazing spots in every location, where you can get a great overview of the entire landscape.

The eclecticism

A potpourri of modern buildings, tropical palm trees, and rich historical landmarks and symbols. Explore the cities on foot, and you will exactly see what I mean. Each one has a unique history, and you can imagine all the unspoken stories just by roaming the streets.

The colors

Croatia seems to be showered in color – the streets, the houses, the sea, and, of course, nature itself. You’ll be amazed at how colorful this country gets. For example, Rovinj, Zagreb, and Split featured wonderfully colorful buildings that were a perfect match for their stunning architecture. On the other hand, the marriage between the terracotta rooftops and the clear turquoise waters of Dubrovnik made me feel like I was in a renaissance painting.

The sunsets

Things you will love about Croatia Sunsets

The famous director Alfred Hitchcock once said that Zadar is the city with the most beautiful sunsets he’d ever seen. Even though I didn’t personally experience one there, I completely understand what he means. With a massive seafront that offers a stunning overview of the sea, along with the city’s iconic Sea Organ (which makes some truly surreal sounds), experiencing Zadar sunsets must be something extraordinary. I did catch some amazing sunsets in Rovinj, Split, Dubrovnik, and Skradin. The one that I absolutely fell in love with was in Skradin. Allow me to paint you the perfect picture: small boats, crystal blue waters, gorgeous swans, streetlights, and the magical blend of golden-red sunset colors.

Nature and diversity

Croatia has it all: beaches, forests, natural parks, waterfalls, and vast luscious, rich nature. I’m a nature lover at heart. Obviously, I enjoy exploring cities, admiring various architectural styles, but the middle of nature is my special place. When I find myself in a bad mood, a walk through a forest is the perfect cure to clear my head. So, of course, I appreciate a country that is rich in greenery, and Croatia is that country. It has a stunning mix of vibrant cities, gorgeous beaches, and heavenly natural parks.

The waterfalls

Things you will love about Croatia Waterfalls

Oh, if you love waterfalls, Croatia may be the perfect place for you. The famous Plitvice Park alone has dozens of waterfalls. While exploring it, you will find yourself feeling as if you’re in a magical land. On that note, I also recommend visiting Krka National Park. This one is smaller than Plitvice, but it’s definitely worth seeing. If you plan to visit Krka, don’t forget to pack your swimsuit, because you have a chance to swim where the waterfall meets the lake.

The food

If you like seafood, I think you’ll love Croatia. Every dish was fresh, simple, and tasty. And if you’re not a fan of seafood, you’ll definitely find something amazing and to your liking anywhere you go. For example, Zagreb has some great bakeries with pies so delicious that you’ll have a hard time choosing just one (believe me, I’ve tried). In Split, there are some good Thai and vegan restaurants. Oh, and I fell in love with their vegan ice cream! I found it by accident while roaming the streets.

Moments that matter, no matter what in Croatia.

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