Santorini: Seven amazing reasons you can’t miss it

Santorini Seven Amazing Reasons You Can't Miss it

Santorini: seven amazing reasons you can’t miss it! Are seven enough? :-)I think I didn’t need any! Santorini was always on my mind to visit it one day! Maybe that’s why when deciding between Santorini and Malta as the latest travel destination (and my birthday trip!), I knew that I want to revisit Greece to see this wonderful island! For the first time “visiting a new country” approach was overruled by this dream location!


Have you been to Santorini already? 

Yes? You are a lucky traveler! Santorini continues to rank among the most beautiful islands in the world. Its breathtaking views, unique landscapes, and picturesque villages won’t let you forget it easily.

Not yet? Keep it high on your traveling bucket list, so worth it! As the travel market is opening again and the summer season is on, Santorini is an ideal location to visit! Plus, if you are in Europe, there are also some cheap flights reaching Santorini! Need more reasons? Let me tell you! 🙂



First, a bit of wisdom from National Geographic. ‘A caldera is a large depression formed when a volcano erupts and collapses. During a volcanic eruption, magma present in the magma chamber underneath the volcano is expelled, often forcefully. When the magma chamber empties, the support that the magma had provided inside the chamber disappears. As a result, the sides and top of the volcano collapse inward.’

Santorini Caldera View

Santorini’s caldera is a world phenomenon and a view you can’t miss when visiting Greece. For me, the caldera of Santorini shows two things: what nature is capable of and how people are able to use natural resources to create their homeland.

The Santorini Caldera used to form a full circular ring. During the Minoan eruption in the island of Thera (now Santorini), most of its shape was destroyed and submerged.

The scientists believe that the eruption killed +40,000 people in the area of the Aegean islands.

Now, thousands of years after the catastrophe, you can admire the caldera view from your hotel room or restaurant balcony.


Santorini Moonrise in Oia

Caldera’s view is truly unique! However, which view surprised me the most during our journey? Moonrise view! Maybe we were also lucky. Our trip dates overlapped with the full moon dates! Unplanned planned.

We were sitting at the restaurant, and we were enjoying our yummy Greek food. Suddenly, we saw a bit of movement. Some people started to stand up and take pictures or admire… the moon. After 11 PM, just above the beautiful village of Imerovigli, an incredible moon appeared. A super moon!

I have never seen in my life such a beautiful moonrise. It was enormous, shining in orange / yellow color and reflecting its rays on the Aegean Sea. Incredible view. That was a night of the full moon. The same show repeated in the following nights. Just that the moon started to shrink. However, its show was similarly beautiful. Unforgettable view!


Santorini Sunset in Thira

In one of my blog posts, Watching Sunsets: Dusk Moments, I listed down my sunsets’ bucket list. Safari in Africa, Samoan Islands, Uluru in Australia, Himalaya Mountains, and Santorini! Back then, I wrote: ‘The sunset in the white town of Oia, although a highly popular moment and spot, is among my top 5 to experience. Sun merging with the Aegean Sea, reflecting its pink shades and illuminating back this splendid island.’ I wasn’t wrong!

Sunsets in Santorini are mesmerizing. But was it Oia that impressed us the most? Oia impressed us the most with the caldera and the moonrise views! For the most magical sunsets, visit Thira (Fira)! On our third day, we went the second time to Thira. We selected one of the view restaurants, and by the time of the sunset, it was full of people! We had a delicious dinner, the best company, and one of the most magical sunset views!


Santorini Seven Amazing Reasons You Can't Miss it Views

The most characteristic colors of Greece, white and blue, get to another dimension in Santorini. It is its iconic hallmark. When booking our trip to Santorini, I knew that I wanted to stay across the white and blue color houses. It has always been my dream: to open a window and see blue domed church roofs. Magical view!

In the other parts of Greece or Cyprus, you can also find many white and blue churches and houses. However, the intensity of the colors in Santorini is mesmerizing. That’s one of the reasons I was super happy inside me for this trip.


Santorini streets

Be it caldera, moonrise, sunrise, sunset, white houses, and blue-domed churches, Santorini is full of unforgettable views! Don’t worry if your hotel room won’t have a direct view of the caldera or sunset. There are plenty of restaurants and bars that will give you this option. Or simply go for a walk in the beautiful small streets of Oia, Imerovigli, or Thira. There are many spots that won’t have any tourists and will give you an amazing view!


If you have a beautiful view, you don’t need a good wine to feel dizzy.

Just that in Santorini: views and wine go hand in hand! You can try to separate them, but why split the happiness? Santorini is full of beautiful views and excellent wine! An ideal combo!

Santorini’s wine industry is well-known and flourishing. The wine has been produced there for thousands of years. Currently, the vineyard of Santorini consists of ~1200 hectares of family-owned vineyards. What is unique about the wines from Santorini?

Santorini Seven Amazing Reasons You Can't Miss It Wine

They all have a volcanic origin, combining crisp acidity with intense minerality and salinity. They are vibrant, with citrus aromas. Which wines shouldn’t you miss?

  • Assyrtiko: the most classic white grape variety wine in Santorini; a must-try during your travel to Santorini
  • PDO Santorini: dry white wines made from ~75% Assyrtiko grapes (single variety or mixed with local white grapes Aidani and Athiri)
  • Vinsanto: naturally sweet wine from sun-dried grapes, produced only in Santorini, ideal with a dessert.


Santorini Photography

If you love photography, both as an amateur or a professional, Santorini is a place for you. Its views, streets, colors and amazing hidden spots make it an ideal location for photography enthusiasts. Online you can find a lot of blogs and recommendations about the most iconic photography places in Santorini. My suggestion is: go with the flow! Explore, wander around and enjoy your unique clicks! Just remember to respect the local people and their establishments (roofs of the houses, etc.). It is your holiday spot but their home place.

Want to read more about Santorini? In the next 2 blog posts I will share more with you!

Kalimera! Santorini is waiting for you!

Have you been to Santorini? If yes, what would you add to the list? If not yet, what is that one reason you would like to visit it?

Moments that matter, no matter the reason.

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