Santorini: The best ideas for a great long weekend trip

Santorini: The best ideas for a great long weekend trip

Santorini: the best ideas for a great long weekend trip! It is time for the third article from the Santorini series, last one. If you missed the previous two, you can find them here, one click away: Santorini: Seven Amazing Reasons You Can’t Miss It and Santorini: Six Things You Need To Know Before Traveling.

It takes a lifetime for someone to discover Greece, but it only takes an instant to fall in love with her.

I am sure that by now you know what is your top reason to visit Santorini and what you need to know before your first travel. So let’s get a bit more specific now and see what can be done in Santorini during a great long weekend trip! Let’s say… 10 recommendations? Check below!


Is a long weekend enough for visiting Santorini? Of course, when one is traveling, time is never enough! On the other hand, if you can visit Santorini for four days, you would enjoy it for sure! I love ‘compressed travels!

Santorini: the best ideas for the long weekend trip

They give me a chance to experience a new place, to taste it, and leave the feeling of not enough, often wanting me to return one more day.

Our travel to Santorini, indeed, was a long weekend trip. We were lucky to get great plane tickets which allowed us to enjoy this Greek island for nearly four full days. You can explore WizzAir and Ryanair flight options in Europe. I was so happy to know that WizzAir started to fly from my city, Gdansk to Santorini on my birthday! The best gift!

Our flight to Santorini departed from Gdansk at 6 am. We landed in Greece at 10 am, enjoying over there entire Friday! On the way back, we had a late afternoon flight. It was a perfect time for a stay in Oia with the option of visiting twice Thira and once Imerovigli. What can one do in Santorini during a long weekend other than famous views and sunsets? 🙂

Let me share with you a bit!



Santorini: the best ideas for the long weekend trip Oia view

On purpose, I am going to ignore the views and sunsets in this post. That’s the core part of Santorini. You can’t miss it for sure. But related to this is wandering. Go out and enjoy an aimless walk. Villages in Santorini are full of backstreets and bypaths, full of unique buildings, spots, and colors. You will also find many small cafes, art galleries or small shops. And the flowers!


During our visit to Santorini, four days stay, we visited Oia (where we stayed), twice Thira and once Imerovigli. I am not counting the times when we went to the airport. 🙂 With no doubt, Santorini’s villages’ hopping is one of the top things I would recommend doing! Although part of the same island, each village is so unique and worth seeing! Are you worried about transportation costs? Check my previous blog post. Using public transport in Santorini is great and cheap!


If you happen to stay in Thira (Fira) or visit it for at least half a day, opt for a boat cruise! From the Old Port of Fira, many cruises take place daily. Your hotel might suggest you some yachts cruises or other personalized trips. These seem fantastic, yet if too long or too expensive, go for the local boat tours. They might start at 20 euros! Two options/examples are below:


Santorini Donkey Ride

I didn’t expect a donkey ride in Santorini! I have seen many donkeys during my travels, yet haven’t ridden on any before; horses, camels, elephants – yes, but not donkeys. As I love new things, I didn’t wait long to try!
Where can you find donkeys rides in Santorini? There are two ‘useful’ spots to get a donkey ride. In Oia, it is on the way to the Ammoudi Bay while in Thira, to the Old Port. Both places are pathways full of stairs (278 and 588, respectively), so getting a donkey’s ride might help you to relax a bit. And experience something new!


Are you in love with good wine? Or maybe enjoy sipping it during the holidays? Then don’t miss the wine tasting tour in Santorini! At least try a few! Wines in Santorini have a volcanic origin, combining crisp acidity with intense minerality and salinity. They are vibrant, with citrus aromas. Which ones? You can read about it here.

Back to the wine tasting activities! You can select from many tours offerings! Some options:

Short of time or funds for the wine tasting tour? If you plan to buy some wine, then visit a winery shop (or two!). They will often make you experience a small wine tasting! You can try different wines and pick up the one to take home or enjoy during your stay in Santorini!


Santorini Scuba Diving

If you feel like doing something more exciting during your stay in Santorini, then go for the scuba diving! Diving in the Greek islands is very popular, hence available in many locations. One highlight: scuba diving in Santorini, since it is a volcanic island, is not about marine life but the underwater landscape.

Useful tip! Try to check in advance available offers and compare them. As the prices are higher, you might also want to negotiate! It works! My Better Half and our Bigger Angel instead of 120 euro per person, paid 70 euro. That covered only one dive. However, during the diving, they were allowed to do two dives! Great offer and flexibility.


Maybe diving isn’t your thing, or you might have less time or funds? Don’t worry! If you like swimming, try some rocks swimming in Santorini. Since it is a volcanic island, there are many natural beaches or places you can explore by swimming between the rocks. For example, if you stay in Oia, go down to Ammoudi Bay. Then go left to the rocks area. Over there, you will find a few spots to swim in the turquoise water! Enjoy!


Santorini: the best ideas for the long weekend trip, shopping

I know that I wrote about shopping already in my previous blog post. Yet, I can’t skip it here! 🙂

Some small shopping is nearly a must when visiting Santorini, no matter for how many days. Want to read more about it? Check my previous blog post. Just a teaser part of it below.

If you plan to shop a bit (or a bit more :-)) consider visiting Thira (Fira). There are plenty of shops there and the same products, for example, compared to Oia, are much cheaper. You can spend a great day there, first shopping a bit and then admiring one of the best sunsets in the world!

Also, check with someone locally or cross-check on the GPS for any supermarket. You can buy some local products there too and both the selections and prices will be more convenient! 


Before traveling to Santorini, I wasn’t sure if I should pre-book any of the restaurants. All I managed to understand: it might be crowded, especially in the Old Castle sunset spot. And let me help you: don’t worry about the restaurants with amazing views. They are unlimited! The choice is excellent, both when it comes to their offer and the view coverage. So if you can, avoid eating inside your hotel and go out. Start with a yummy breakfast, or maybe grab just a coffee. In Santorini, one is sure: excellent food comes with fantastic views!


Undecided which hotel to choose in Santorini? My dream was a hotel in Oia with sunset, caldera, and Oia village view. And to be able to enjoy these views from a pool or a jacuzzi! There are many hotels and accommodations in Santorini. And you might feel even undecided about where to stay. That’s how we felt! I was so happy with our choice, Sole d’Oro Villa. An amazing place to stay in Oia! We had all the views we wanted, plus two jacuzzis outside, all just for us. So check if the pool/jacuzzi option is available. See if you prefer these to be private or shared. One is sure: you will need one of them to chill out and experience these wonderful vibes of Santorini!

Happy is a choice we make.

I choose Santorini.


If you dream about a flying dress photo session in Santorini, your dream can come true! Two options: or you organize it by yourself, bringing some fancy dress with you. Or you buy a package photo session there on the spot (or in advance, of course). Photo sessions in Santorini are pretty expensive. If one dreams about it, it is worth it! For sure, the views and the setting are unique in the world! Two links here: Miss Santorini Flying Dress and Santorini Dress.

So when are you planning on visiting Santorini? Or maybe you are already back? Share what you would love to do or what do you recommend to first-time travelers! I am sure that my list isn’t complete. 🙂 Efcharisto!

Moments that matter, no matter the ideas.

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