The power of simplicity: Simple life, boundless happiness

The power of simplicity, the Alps

The power of simplicity: simple life, boundless happiness. Today, when I am starting to write this post, it is a perfect day for this article. The “world” has stopped for a bit for many of us. Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram apps went offline. It has already been five hours. It has been a while since I have messaged My Better Half using SMS and call my Parents and Sister not using WhatsApp. We are back to a simpler life, at least for a moment.

Isn’t a more simple life happier and more radiant? How to bring it to more boundless joy? I am still learning it myself. It is one of my ultimate goals: simpler life and more personal happiness.


The power of simplicity nature

All my travels to India and my living there confirm my intentions. It isn’t about wealth nor a fancy lifestyle. And one doesn’t need to travel half a world to India to experience it. You might find it closer, maybe even very close. For me, it was my recent travel to my sister and her beautiful place.

Simplicity is the essence of happiness.

One more time, I realized that chasing isn’t for things. It is for life’s moments. I understood that the natural way is the best. That less means more and that living at own peace doesn’t mean a slow or boring life. Later I heard that living in the city is at a different pace than in the countryside. Is it so? Are cars driving us faster in the cities, or do clocks tick at a higher speed? Or we just learned to run and pretend we are busy? I will tell you what I learned and observed.


  • Being around nature is so simple, yet so healing and relaxing! Living in the city, we are surrounded by concrete and often don’t even see the horizon.
  • The speed of our life is not driven by the location nor by the infrastructure of our home town. It is our own decision if to slow down or keep on running.
  • There is no need for constant shopping, buying unnecessary things, chasing the latest trends, and polluting our planet. I was so surprised yet inspired to see my sister using many house items over 11 years.
  • Having more and more isn’t the reflection of your wealth. It just shows one’s preference towards possessing more, and that’s it. Minimalism or a conscious lifestyle does not equal less money.
  • Home-made products are the best: for you, your family, and the environment. It might take a bit more effort but gives even more satisfaction and inner happiness. Plus, it can be all-natural, and you would know what is inside or how it is made.



Simplicity is the state of mind and not the lifestyle.

An alpine cow

Both people and nature can bring back some of the most simple and happy moments in our life. It can be an ocean or a forest; it might be a dog or a cow. Being surrounded by the nature can make us realize that the small joyful moments are right here waiting for us.

What’s my promise for the remaining months of the year?

  • daily interactions with nature, it can be the quality time in the garden or the balcony, it might be a walk in the park
  • twice a week, take care of the flowers and plants in our garden/balcony, give them love and benefit from their energy
  • while in India, give some care to the stray dogs, feed them with healthy food items

My list is simple, and that’s the point. What is on your list?


Simplicity is not a simple thing.

Letting Go Is Not Something You Do by Joshua Fields Millburn

Letting go does not require a trip to Goodwill

or a purchase from The Container Store.

Letting go is not something you do.

It is something you stop doing.

You stop pretending every thing is precious.

You stop clinging to toxic relationships.

You stop acting like busy is a good thing.

You stop posturing as if achievements make you, you.

You stop thinking new habits will solve the problems.

You stop trying to “fix” everything.

You stop turning to breaking news for information.

You stop mistaking information for understanding.

You stop polishing the facade of success.

You stop chasing happiness.

No matter the fixation-

be it possession, people, or prosperity-

attachment is always suffering.


When you let go of attachments,

you pick up freedom, peace, equanimity.

But if you hold on,

You’ll get dragged.


Experience over things. Always.

The power of simplicity togetherness

Slowing down is my personal aspiration. It is a challenging item, yet I know that I also need it. I am used to running around and being super active. I try to be “be” in multiple places at the same time. Impossible as of yet. I know it. Still, I often try, even if it doesn’t make sense.

Slow down. You and me. No matter where we live. It might be a metropolis city or a countryside village. Let’s slow down to admire the little things. Let’s stop running to relax our muscles (including the heart!) and bones, to do nothing. ‘Dolce fare niente’ (sweet doing nothing), my sister would say.


Make it simple but significant.

Hands up if you struggle to disconnect from the virtual world. From social media, messengers, online videos, games, or news. Or maybe, your offline time is just when the servers break, like the other day. Perhaps, you are doing very well, better than me! I think I am doing better and better. Maybe lately more busy with my offline world or a bit more aware of this area. There are days I don’t feel like adding any content to my Instagram page and enjoy the real world!

What are some of the offline detox benefits?

  • calm down and feel happier
  • feel more positive about yourself
  • be more focused and productive
  • get healthier
  • ‘win’ extra time!
  • sleep better

Doesn’t it all seem like: back to the simple life? Remember the times when the internet wasn’t ruling our lives? Let’s try it from time to time! It is time for a #digitaldetox!


There is beauty in simplicity.

The power of simplicity Garden

Gardens, no matter how small, give a lot of relaxation, joy, and satisfaction. Spending a bit of time surrounded by the greenery can have a lot of healing effects too. Planting flowers, herbs, vegetables, or fruits can give great and yummy results! It takes us back in time: that’s how many of our grandparents used to provide food for the family.

Gardens do not have to be big or even external. If the space or the setup gives you some limitations, don’t worry. Make a small or even a mini garden at home. What could it be? Flowers, plants, herbs, or some selected veggies or fruits like chili, lemon, or cherry tomatoes.

Plant something that you can admire, take care of and later enjoy its beauty or taste. It would be 100% pure and natural, all taken care of by you.


Less stuff equals more freedom.

How to declutter your home and clean your mind? Three years ago, I understood the importance of less, some form of minimalism. In my world and mind, the intention is to have fewer things. And also to maintain this way of living. My goal isn’t a complete version of minimalist. That’s not me, at least yet!

Living between two countries, Poland and India, in my case, it might be a bit more challenging to declutter. Yet, it is possible! Decluttering is so healing. It gives a lot of freedom and can also be fun! Check one of my previous blog posts, How to declutter your home and clean your mind, to find out ideas on how to declutter and limit the number of items at your home.


The less I needed, the better I felt.

The Alps in Italy

5 Questions to Ask Before Buying by The Minimalists

  1. Can I afford to part with this money? If you have to charge it to a credit card, you can’t afford it.
  2. Can I pay the actual cost? Remember, the true cost of a thing stretches far beyond the price on the price tag.
  3. Will it add value to my life? It must serve a purpose or bring joy; otherwise, it does not add value.
  4. What are the alternatives? In other words, is this the best use of this money? If not, then use the money elsewhere.
  5. Can I get by without it for a while? If so, wait. Who knows – maybe a day of contemplation will help you realize you no longer want the thing you wanted (Rule 30/30)

Apart from the questions by The Minimalists, you can simply ask yourself:

  • Do I need it or do I just want it?
  • Is the price the right one for me?
  • Where will I keep it?
  • PS item: Don’t I already have 3 or 5 similar items? 😉

What’s your view? Is simplicity the essence of happiness for you? I am still ‘a work in progress’ regarding simpler life. Is it also your aspiration? Share! Sharing is caring!

Moments that matter, no matter how simple.

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