Nepal: Nine amazing reasons you can’t miss it

Nine Amazing Reasons You Can't Miss Nepal

Nepal: nine amazing reasons you can’t miss it. And once you visit it, you will miss it! We visited Nepal two weeks ago, and I can’t stop thinking about it. On the one hand, I want to explore new countries and places. On the other hand, I want to merge again in the Nepali’s nature.

Nepal was always my dream destination. I felt so happy to know that we would travel there in the last days of 2021. We are back to our home in India now, enjoying our life here. But why do I miss Nepal? What was so charming in that country that somehow I feel very connected to it? What are the top reasons to visit it or shift it higher on your bucket list? Find out below nine amazing reasons you can’t miss it. You simply can’t.

This article is a continuation of the same series. The initial article was about Santorini. You can find it here: Santorini: Seven amazing reasons you can’t miss it.


Have you been to Nepal already?

YES: You are very lucky… traveler, climber, or the world explorer! Visiting Nepal ranks high on people’s bucket lists, especially if you are a mountain lover. However, if you have visited Nepal already, you might be willing to travel there again and again.

“Nepal once is not enough.”

NOT YET: I hope it is just a matter of time and some extra budget for you! The good news is that Nepal reopened its borders again to tourists in Q4 of 2021. Travelers from many countries can receive a visa on arrival. Since we are still in the pandemic, check the latest guidelines for the travel recommendations. My suggestion is #spontaneoustravels!



In Nepal, I learned a lot of great things. During one of our trips, our guide from Trekking Addiction expanded for us the initials of Nepal. Nepal stands for Never Ending Peace And Love. And that’s how Nepalis are: full of positive energy, smiles, and support. Tourism is the key industry of the country. It is part of the culture and people’s DNA in Nepal. To be friendly and hospitable to travelers, and each other.

Did you know that?

The Sherpas are also called Sharwas. They speak a language called Sherpa. It is closely related to Tibetan spoken in Tibet. Additionally, the Sherpas who live in Nepal speak Nepali. Their life is all related to mountaineering. In Nepal, they live in the Solu-Khumbu district, in the Himalayas. It consists of two regions: the Khumbu region (about 3700-4300 meters) and the Solu region (about 2400-3100 meters). They are fully adapted to high altitude life and climbing the Himalayas.


I do not need to say much here. The Himalayas in Nepal are the main reason to select this destination.

Nepal Mount Everest Plane View

Seeing them and witnessing them all with your own eyes is just mesmerizing! It is an incredible experience, an addictive one.

People choose the Himalayas for multiple reasons. It might be climbing, trekking, or just admiring the views. Some people might aim at reaching the summit or maybe the Base Camp, while others enjoy the trek itself. Himalayan Masters can help you with some best trekking experiences. ‘The roof of the world’ is the most beautiful view I have seen in my life. During my next travel, I want to experience the trek to the EBC; the famous Everest Base Camp.

Sitting somewhere in the Himalayas, the silence that surrounds you is of the Himalayas, not of you.

You have to find your own Himalayas within.


Did you know that?

There are different options to get closer to the Himalayas. You might select to travel by road: car, bus, or train. There are also two more comfortable ways: plane or helicopter! 

We did the Himalayas sightseeing flight with the BuddhaAir and a car trip with Trekking Addiction to Nagarkot, 32 km from Kathmandu. My bucket list item remains the same: helicopter ride in the Himalayas! (with Air Dynasty Heli) We couldn’t do it this time as our Little One is still a bit too young. I hope next time…


This year we visited two of my dream destinations, Nepal and Santorini. Santorini is very famous for its sunsets. After both travels, I am undecided. But if I had to choose one for the rest of my life: it would be sunrises and sunsets with the Himalayas view. When you travel to Nepal, select a hotel with a great view. It might be from your room or maybe from its roof or terrace. The Time and Date website will help you with the sunrise and sunset hours. Don’t sleep too long. It is worth it to wake up at 5 am to witness the magical sunrises! 

Did you know that?

If you stay in Kathmandu, consider these 3 places for a beautiful sunrise:

  • Nagarkot (32 km away from Kathmandu)
  • Durbar Square in Kathmandu
  • The Boudha Stupa in Kathmandu

#4 INNER PEACE & energy

Nepal Singing Bowls

In the chaos of Kathmandu, I found peace. Nepal’s nature and the omnipresent Himalayas, I found calmness and harmony. Nepal has amazing energy. That’s what attracts so many people after visiting this country. It fascinated me. All-present Tibetan flags, meditation malas, or singing bowls can be a great way to take a piece of that healing energy home. It might help restore a bit of that inner energy once back home.

Did you know that?

Singing bowls are believed to be a healing instrument, often used during meditation. They are also called prayer or healing bowls.

How to use them? Keep a singing bowl in a left hand with your straight opened palm, holding a mallet in the right hand. To produce the vibration tap the bowl and move the mallet in a clockwise direction. Apply equal pressure, close your eyes and enjoy the sound.


I couldn’t wait to visit Kathmandu to feel its vibes. For many people, Kathmandu might seem a bit chaotic and exotic. Since I live in India, the chaotic and exotic parts didn’t impact me. Instead, I enjoyed its pace, charm, and energy. Till now, I have seen the capital of Nepal in many movies and documentaries. And it always attracted me. So once I was there, experiencing it all, I felt that my ‘small big’ traveling dream came true. Namaste, Kathmandu!

Did you know that?

The name Kathmandu comes from the beautiful temple Kasthamandap. It was built in the 15th century. It was located in Durbar Square of Kathmandu. A massive earthquake in 2015 has destroyed it. 

Wondering how far Mt. Everest is from the capital of Nepal? 240km away, and it can be seen from Kathmandu valley. The valley is full of cultural and heritage sites. It is the home to 7 UNESCO World Heritage sites. 


I need to admit it! Before visiting Nepal, I didn’t know much about its 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Nepal Swayambhunath Stupa

I just had many pictures of Nepal in front of my eyes from different books, movies, and websites. Before your travel to Nepal, read a bit in advance about these places and select the most interesting ones for you. We managed to see 4 of them. Based on all the amazement of each of them, I am sure that the entire list is fabulous. We have six more reasons to return to Nepal!

  • Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu
  • Boudhanath Stupa in Kathmandu
  • Swayambhunath Stupa in Kathmandu
  • Kathmandu Durbar Square
  • Patan Durbar Square
  • Bhaktapur Durbar Square
  • Lumbini (birthplace of Buddha)
  • Changunarayan
  • Chitwan National Park
  • Sagarmatha National Park

Did you know that?

The stupa is a white dome with a conical stone tower emerging from its center. There are two eyes painted on the tower, the all-seeing eyes of Buddha. They’re purple and look a little sinister, like an Old Testament Buddha.


Nepal’s nature and wildlife are very diverse. The country is rich in different ecosystems making it very interesting for travelers. What can be found in Nepal apart from the Himalayas? There are forests, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, grasslands, high mountains, and lowland plains. People choose Nepal for trekking activities as it offers incredible views and a wide range of different natural resources. Its amazing green vegetation, white mountain peaks, and blue sky make it an ideal travel destination.

Did you know that?

In Nepal, you might meet:

  • Himalayan monal (the national bird)
  • Greater one-horned rhino
  • Asian elephant
  • Bengal tiger
  • Snow leopard
  • Blue sheep
  • Red panda
  • Bengal fox
  • Himalayan tahr
  • Indian and Chinese Pangolin


Nepal Momos

In July 2020, I initiated the Travel and Taste series of blog posts. For me trying local food and products is an integrated part of each travel. A few days ago, I connected again with one friend, telling her we visited Nepal. Her first impression wasn’t about the Himalayas nor the culture but the food! Yes, food is another reason to visit Nepal.

And guess what: this time, just like in Paris, I followed TasteAtlas recommendations.

What not to miss in Nepal?

#1 Dal Bhat

#2 Momo (if you are not vegetarian, try the chicken ones!)

#3 Yak products (e.g., cheese, yum!)

#4 Sekuwa

#5 Samosa

Did you know that?

Nepal has a unique variety of beers! Try different brands and also take some home, a great gift option. Must try list: Mount Everest, Ghorka, Mustang, Nepal Ice, Annapurna.


Is it not enough? There is one more excellent reason to visit Nepal. For professional photographers and photography loves, Nepal is a paradise to capture its views and moments. Nepal has 8 out of 14 world’s mountains above 8,000 meters, including Mount Everest. The land of the highest Himalayan peaks and rich culture offers lifetime photography opportunities.

Did you know that?

Many companies offer photography tours in Nepal. They provide a full package, including transportation and accommodation in Nepal, as well as the best photography spots! Check Darter Photography or Heaven Himalaya for more details.

Have you been to Nepal? If yes, what would you add to the list? If not yet, what is that one reason you would like to visit it?

Moments that matter, no matter why Nepal.

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