Saint Valentine’s bucket list is here: Full of love getaways

Saint Valentine's Bucket List

Saint Valentine’s bucket list is here: full of love getaways! Are you ready to discover some romantic and unique travel ideas? One year ago, I wrote a similar blog post about the New Year bucket list: fascinating places and ways to celebrate. It was great to see that you enjoyed reading that article. That also acted as an inspiration to write this one: full of love!

Many ideas in this post are from the different corners of the globe. And although today is Saint Valentine’s Day, it is never too late. How come? We can celebrate love and our relationships every day. You do not need to wait till 14th February to fly to Paris! Some of the ideas might be a potential future addition to your travel bucket list. Plus, some of them you can find within your own country. We need to wear the creative hat on, a love hat.

the most romantic getaways

First, the most romantic getaways! At the same time, the most famous list. Would you add any other city or location to it? What are the top 3 places for you to fall in love, spend a honeymoon, or celebrate love?
If you decide to travel to these locations, save this article. You might want to visit the restaurants from the list or not forget about the golden “forbidden love” tips!

Paris in France

Saint Valentine's Bucket List Paris

Love is in the air: Everywhere, that’s Paris! From the Eiffel Tower sparkles and the Seine River evening cruise to the little cafes and the Pont des Arts.

The most romantic restaurant: Le Cinq or Le Train Bleu

The best hotel: La Réserve Paris Hotel & Spa (according to the Travel & Leisure Magazine)

Aphrodisiac: Asparagus, honey, and red wine

Forbidden love: The Pont des Arts used to be a place where love couples could express their love by placing metal locks on the bridge. Now, it is forbidden by law and controlled by the police to hang love locks on this famous bridge.

More tips:

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Maui in Hawaii

Love is in the air: Hawaii is one of the world’s top honeymoon destinations. Its beaches, nature, and landscapes make it an idyllic location for relaxing travels. Hawaii offers one of the most beautiful sunsets.

The most romantic restaurant: Mama’s Fish House

The best hotel: Montage Kapalua Bay (according to the Travel & Leisure Magazine)

Aphrodisiac: Hala fruit

Forbidden love: If you want to share your lovely moments with your family or friends, don’t message them when crossing the streets. It is illegal in Hawaii to text or to look at your phone when crossing the street.

Santorini in Greece

Saint Valentine's Bucket List Santorini

Love is in the air: Santorini is so unique. Its sunsets and moonrises are magical. The colors of white houses, blue roofs of the churches, and blue sky make the views spectacular. Don’t forget to emerge in the small streets of Santorini villages.

The most romantic restaurantAmbrosia in Oia or Kapari Wine Restaurant in Imerovigli

The best hotel: Canaves Oia Epitome (according to Forbes)

Aphrodisiac: Pomegranates, truffles, figs

Forbidden love: Want some fancy drone pictures from Santorini? Leave your drone at home. Since the 1st January 2017, the entire Santorini island has become a no-fly zone.

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Bruges in Belgium

Love is in the air: In Bruges, “romance always hangs in the air”. You can walk or picnic in the Queen Astrid Park, wander across the famous Boniface Bridge, or enjoy the silence in the surroundings of the Beguinage. Canals in the city, especially Groenerei one, add even more to its charm.

The most romantic restaurantGuillaume or Brasserie Grand Cru

The best hotelHotel Dukes’ Palace (according to The Telegraph)

Aphrodisiac: Chocolate and chocolate!

Forbidden love: If you love to play cards during your holidays, do not attempt playing poker at home. Why? Gambling at a home poker game is illegal in Belgium!

Venice in Italy

Love is in the air: Venice, just like Paris, doesn’t require any intro! It is a bucket-list destination for all travelers, no matter the “love status”. Take a boat or gondola ride, walk in the narrow streets of the city and admire its canals’ life.

Saint Valentine's Bucket List Venice

The most romantic restaurantRistorante Riviera or La Caravella

The best hotelJW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa or Cipriani, a Belmond Hotel (according to the Travel and Leisure Magazine)

Aphrodisiac: Artichokes, oysters, and almonds

Forbidden love: You will need to behave well in Venice! Do not sit down nor feed pigeons in St. Mark’s Square. It is against the law. Also, do not eat, drink, or sit on the steps of the Rialto Bridge.

Bora Bora in The Islands of Tahiti

Love is in the air: Bora Bora is known as the “romantic island”. You can admire its gorgeous beauty, tranquillity, and isolation. Bora Bora’s volcanic views are iconic. Let’s not forget incredible turquoise lagoons, white sandy beaches, and luxurious resorts.

The most romantic restaurantLagoon by Jean-Georges

The best hotelFour Seasons Resort Bora Bora (according to Forbes)

Aphrodisiac: Cinnamon

Forbidden love: Do not bring your pets with you for your holidays to Bora Bora. A quote from the International Air Transport Association. “Pets: Entry prohibited. Re-importation only from rabies-free countries. Pets not adhering to the regulations will be returned or destroyed.” No further comments.

The Maldives

Love is in the air: Who doesn’t dream about the honeymoon in the Maldives? Each resort is a small island with white-sand beaches and turquoise lagoons. A stay in the amazing rustic-chic villas over the water or on the beach is guaranteed.

The most romantic restaurant: Each restaurant in your resort!

The best hotel: Soneva Jani or Soneva Fushi (according to The Luxury Travel Expert)

Aphrodisiac: Aphrodisiac-infused cocktails

Forbidden love: If you plan to celebrate your love in the Maldives with a glass of champagne or wine, it needs to be the ones bought in the Maldives resort. It is illegal to bring alcohol to the country from abroad. So do not attempt to bring any of your favorite local drinks (e.g., to lower the cost). It might cost you a lot!

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Dream big and dream small. Celebrating love can happen in any place. It doesn’t need to be a fancy destination or a famous capital city. We might have budget limitations, work, or personal commitments. We might be also feeling less comfortable or safe to travel far, especially these days.

How about visiting during Saint Valentine’s Day or any other occasion a nearby place that is full of love? Open your Google Maps, turn on your creativity and search for some interesting locations! In Poland, we have a village called Wenecja (Venice), Walentynowo (a form of St. Valentine’s), or Miłosna (Loving).

You might wonder: what can be found in a small village? Maybe a small shop with some snacks to take away, a petrol station with a coffee bar or maybe just a smile of the person you love.

Check it for your country or region. I typed “love” in Google Maps and got some unique ideas! 🙂

Love Lake in Dubai

Love Lake in Colorado / USA

Løve in Denmark

Love Island in Canada

Love Island in Belarus

Miłość (Love) in Poland

All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.

Charles M. Schulz

What is your adored love getaway? Where would you like to escape, or to which place do you like returning? And finally, what are your Saint Valentine’s plans? When you will be reading it, I will be already in Poland.

Moments that matter, no matter the getaway.

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