Relocating to Bangalore: My surprising three years perspective

Relocating to Bangalore

Relocating to Bangalore: my surprising three years perspective. On the 8th of March, I marked my three years of living in India. Since I am Polish, living in India means living in another continent and culture.

Recently, I wrote a master post about Bangalore. It is a complete list of tips for the relocation to the capital of Karnataka. You can’t miss it if you consider your transfer or have just relocated.

Relocation to Bangalore: Free tips for a happy life

I will not repeat those tips here. I want to share with you my latest perspective. Highlights and suggestions that I haven’t shared before and refer to the previous article that I wrote one year ago, after two years of living in starling India.

My first two years of living in starling India

Relocating to Bangalore

5 highlights


After one month, I returned from Poland last week. One more time, I realized how comfortable daily life could be in India. I call it daily life comfort. I am not referring to the infrastructure or lifestyle.

Daily life can be very comfortable in India:

  • There might be maids to support you at home.
  • Many schools, especially international ones, will provide school transportation for children.
  • Many online shopping companies, via apps, provide immediate shopping to your doorstep. Our favorite one is BlinkIt. They provide everything you need in 10-15 minutes! Also, BigBasket introduced a new shopping option, BB Now. Online orders are delivered within 10-20 minutes.
  • You do not need to wear layers of clothes; it is always warm!


Bangalore is very famous in India for its ideal weather. So yes, you are lucky if you are relocating to the capital of Karnataka! I love 4 seasons in Poland, their diversity, the annual cycle of the weather, and related festivities and events. However, I love more the weather in Bangalore. I was in Poland just last week. After a month of cold and windy February, I couldn’t wait to be “kissed” by Bangalore’s sun!

The weather here is perfect! Just make sure that:

Relocating to Bangalore plumeria flowers
  • You have an A/C or fans at your new home
  • Your car has an A/C
  • April – May you might skip walking outside in the core sun hours (12:00-14:00)
  • There is always some mosquitos spray at your home, especially during the rainy season
  • You won’t complain when your clothes will dry longer during the rainy season (July to September)

By the way, in India, there is no daylight saving. Your sleeping pattern won’t be disturbed, and you won’t need to change clocks at home every year!


Relocating to Bangalore dosa

This note is both to vegetarians and non-vegetarians. If you are transferring to Bangalore and your worry is food: you do not need to worry. Although vegetarianism is popular in India, you won’t have problems if you eat meat and fish. At the same time, if you are vegan or vegetarian, you will enjoy your life in India.

Take a note of these places in Bangalore; they are purely vegetarian (and very affordable):


When I was relocating to India, I had a bit of concern related to safety due to potential racism. It is pretty easy to notice that my origins are not from India. I won’t be covering my light skin color or blond hair all the time when going out. So I was a bit concerned.

After three years of living here, I can openly say that India is not a racist country. And you do not need to fear anything about it. As a foreigner, you might be more attractive to locals. Yet, there won’t be any hate.

Of course, one needs to be careful when traveling the world. Any ad hoc instances can happen anywhere. But the good news is: in India, one can be proud of own skin color.


If we were to relocate outside of India tomorrow, my first thought would be: already? I haven’t seen enough! I haven’t experienced and tried enough! 🙂 India and each of its major cities are so huge that you will always get a feeling of “never enough”.

Since my three years here, two have been during the pandemic. Somehow we get a feeling that we had even fewer opportunities. No matter how much we try to create beautiful moments and experiences.

India elephants

What do I recommend during your stay in India and Bangalore?

3 do’s


Firstly, be modest. Then observe and adapt to the new culture and way of living. I learned it in India, and I have learned it while traveling the world. I remember when once, back in Israel, I was invited for the First Communion at Good Samaritans society. I kept my outfit and the look very modest. And it turned out to be the most modest one among all the guests! 🙂 Yet, it was easy to remove the shawl from my shoulders and adjust my look.

The same applies to living and traveling in India. If you are a woman, keep a light shawl when visiting new places or festivals. You never know when you will need it. Also, try to adjust your clothes a bit. If you feel warm and you are used to wearing more Western summer clothes, adapt them “by half”. Open decollete and shorts might be too much in many places. Opt for one. Maybe wear a t-shirt with shorts or a sleeveless t-shirt with leggins. You will see the difference.


Relocating to Bangalore papayas

It might apply to all the corners of the world. Yet, based on my living in India, it is even more relevant here. If you decide to shift to Bangalore, support local people as much as possible. Give them small smiles. You will notice fast that they will treat you back as a local person. 

When possible:

  • Shop from the small local vendors
  • Use the services of individual professionals (e.g., you can book using Urban Company)
  • Don’t bargain always, instead give a few rupees extra from time to time
  • Buy products made in India, skip Chinese ones


Living in Bangalore (and generally in India), one needs to be very confident. What do I mean? Find some examples below:

  • Crossing the road, you can’t hesitate
  • Driving a car or a cooty, even a cycle
  • Bargaining for the best price or at least for the right price
  • Maintaining your personal space or not being disturb

3 don’ts


Indian food

India is a very diverse country. You’ll get a taste of it in Bangalore. People of different religions, languages, or cuisine live all together. It’s a fascinating place to be. Don’t limit yourself in your experiences; explore as much as possible.

In Bengaluru, you will also be able to taste the other parts of India or Asia. Some must-visit restaurants:


When shifting to India, don’t worry about the local language. Why? Many people know at least some basic English so you will manage to communicate. Additionally, the local language might not be the famous Hindi. Each state in India has its language or languages, plus a lot of dialects.

I do not mean not to learn the local language. It works the magic to know it a bit and use it with the local people, just like in every country. However, you do not need to worry about it. In India, you won’t feel like in France or Spain when not knowing French or Spanish might be a challenge when living there.


India shop with local products

Last but not least, an important item in this post’s list. That was also part of my experience in India.

It might happen that when we change the house or relocate between cities/countries, we try to replicate our home so that the space becomes “our” again. It might give a feeling of “that’s my home” or let your family members, especially kids, feel more familiar. So when I relocated to India, I wanted a lot of furniture to be white, like in our home in Poland.

After three years of living in India, I understand that’s not right. Yes, it took me a while. India is India and Poland is Poland.

I can be super happy that we have homes in both places. And while we are in Poland, I can enjoy the birch or beech wood furniture. In India, I love teak, mango, and Sheesham wood.

I don’t want to replicate my Polish world in India. I enjoy my Indian lifestyle the same much.

Have you recently relocated to Bangalore? Or maybe you are here for a while? What is the one takeaway you would share with someone? Share in the comments below; sharing is caring!

Moments that mater, no matter the years in Bangalore.

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