Bulgaria: Seven amazing reasons you can’t miss it

Bulgaria Seven Amazing Reasons You Can't Miss It

Bulgaria: seven amazing reasons you can’t miss it. And once you visit it, you won’t forget it. There are many motives it will stay on your mind! For me, there is one main reason: I want to explore it more!

For Polish people, Bulgaria used to be one of the top travel destinations in 80s, 40 years ago! The country has progressed immensely, especially in the tourism area. In Eastern Europe it is the 5th most visited country. Most of the visitors come from Romania and Turkey, the neighbouring countries.

Back in May this year, we decided to buy tickets to Bulgaria at the beginning of June. 4 days in Burgas, famous Sunny Beach coast. It is a seaside by the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, 25min away from the Burgas airport. And although we encountered a bit of health challenges during our travel, I am happy to share with you the below seven amazing reasons why you should add Bulgaria to your travel list!

This article is a continuation of the same series. The initial article was about Santorini. You can find it here: Santorini: Seven amazing reasons you can’t miss it.



Bulgaria Sunny Beach

YES: You are a lucky traveler! Tasting Bularia’s sun and food ranks high as the European summer destination. There is one more good news! As of May 2022, all Covid related restrictions were removed in the country. Arrival rules are the same as prior to the pandemic. For the latest updates, check here

NOT YET: Many travelers keep Bulgaria high on their travel lists. Some people, with all the other travel gems in the world, have somehow forgotten about it. I hope it’s just a matter of time and Bulgaria will attract a lot of travelers again. Maybe the reasons below will encourage you to consider it for your next trip!

“Bulgaria has many secrets, many layers. The people do not give the information so easy. To understand Bulgaria, you have to live here for a long time, be intimate with people, live like a Bulgarian, and speak our language. Even then, I do not know how close you ca be to real truth. All you see is what is left of us.”

Annie Ward



The weather was one of the key reasons why we have decided to travel to Bulgaria. The country’s temperatures are excellent in spring, summer, and autumn, extending the warm months to about six months a year (May to October). If you decide to spend your summer holidays by the Black Sea, you can be sure that it will be a sunny trip, both on Sunny Beach and the Golden Sands Beach.

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Source: NOAA

If you plan to visit Bulgaria in the winter, you might be lucky to see the snow! It snows a lot in the ski resort areas. But not only! In Sofia, there are, on average, 32 days of snowfall a year.


If you plan to visit more places during a year or your budget is tighter: opt for Bulgaria! The prices are very competitive compared to the rest of Europe, especially if you are traveling within the same continent.

Which low-cost airlines fly to Bulgaria? Among many: Wizz Air, Ryanair, Eurowings, easyJet, Jet2. When flying to Bulgaria, Gdansk-Burgas-Gdansk, in June this year, we managed to find tickets for 250 PLN ($58 / 55 Euro) per person (checked-in luggage included).

Hotels’ standard and the offering is also very good, with very competitive prices. Many hotels offer All-Inclusive or Ultra All-Inclusive packages (including local alcohol, unlimited). A 4-star hotel in June with an ultra all-inclusive offer was at the cost of 167 PLN ($39 / 36 Euro)per person per night. That’s a cost of a dinner per person in many other corners of Europe.

Before flying to Bulgaria, I read online a lot of comments saying that both the weather and the prices are more favorable in Bulgaria. I can’t agree more!


Bulgarian Food Kebapche

Are you looking for a travel destination with a great culinary options? Opt for Bulgaria! Its variety of food is impressive. It is land of various meat types, seafood and fishes, soups, vegetables, fruits, cheeses, breads, sweets (like baklava). Bulgarian cuisine is a mixture of the Middle East and Mediterranean delicacies.

If you need more specific suggestions, refer to Eat Local in Bulgaria by the TasteAtlas.

What are the top 10 dishes according to TasteAtlas food travel guide?

  1. Yogurt
  2. Banitsa pie
  3. Shopska salad
  4. Banitsa with cheese pie
  5. Sirene cheese
  6. Tarator cold soup
  7. Kufte meat patty
  8. Lukanka sausage
  9. Mish-mash
  10. Kebapche


Bulgaria’s history is long and rich. The contemporary Bulgarian state appeared on the map in 1878, post the Ottoman Empire and Russian Empire war. Each year, 3rd March marks the most significant event in the country: Liberation Day. Yet, full independence from Ottoman Empire was gained only in 1908, . And that’s when Bulgaria celebrates its second important holiday: 22nd September highlights its Independence Day.

The country has many historical sites and monuments. That’s one of the reasons why I will return to Bulgaria one day. This time, due to our unexpected health challenges, we didn’t manage to explore this part. The list below represents some of the most stunning places, yet the list is much longer.

  • Sofia – the capital city
  • The old city of Nessebar – one of the oldest European towns
  • The Roman Theatre in Plovdiv – one of the best-preserved antique theaters globally
  • Rila Monastery – an example of a Slavic cultural identity 
  • Tsarevets Fortress in Veliko Tarnovo – one of the most beloved monuments in the country
  • Baba Vida Fortress – one of the most well-preserved medieval castles in Bulgaria
  • Belogradchik Fortress – impressively well-preserved fortification


Bulgaria Seven Amazing Reasons You Can't Miss It Burgas Wheel

If you enjoy active holidays, day events, or nightlife, Bulgaria is a great option for you. There are a lot of different options. Beach hotels provide daily entertainment program, swimming pools and children’s play areas. Outside the beach hotel, you can select between amusement parks, vintage photography studios, merry-go-round, water sports, or extreme sports. Additionally, in the Burgas area there are a lot of water parks. Unfortunately, we missed to visit them.

How about the nightlife? There are unlimited spots, bars, or discos. Get ready for some loud music, dancing and drinks!


Bulgaria is a great place in Europe for outdoor sport activities. No matter if you decide to travel to the seaside, mountains, or the countryside, you will find plenty of activities to do. What are some of the top sports to do during the holiday in Bulgaria?

  • hiking
  • rock climbing
  • kayaking and rafting
  • canyoning
  • diving
  • parasailing
  • jet-skiing
  • horse-riding
  • golf
  • skiing


Bulgaria Seven Amazing Reasons You Can't Miss It Black Sea

The Black Sea is shared by Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Turkey, and Russia. It is located between Europe and Asia, connecting east of the Balkans, west of the Caucasus, south of the East European Plain, and north of Anatolia.

Why is the Black Sea unique, and you should experience it?

The Black Sea is isolated from the world’s oceans. It also has an extensive drainage network of rivers that connects to it. Therefore, its water is unique, significantly supporting the marine ecosystem.

For almost two kilometers, its water is filled with hydrogen sulfide. As a result, in the deepest parts of the Black Sea, there are only sulfur bacteria and no other living things.

But most importantly, you should visit the Black Sea to experience the beach life in the cities of Varna or Burgas and their nearby Sunny Beach and Golden Sands Beach. These are real holiday vibes locations you can’t miss!

Have you been to Bulgaria? If yes, what would you add to the list? If not yet, what is that one reason you would like to visit it?

Moments that matter, no matter why in Bulgaria.

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