My beautiful life in India: What am I grateful for

My Beautiful Life In India

My beautiful life in India: what am I grateful for. When we travel the world, we tend to focus on the places we have seen and the activities we experienced. Less frequently, at least in my opinion, we focus on what we managed to learn and appreciate in us thanks to visiting a specific place or a country.

This post is my personal reflection on my three years of living in India. A way to summarize my thoughts and share them with you. A way to give more perspective about life in India. And maybe it will encourage you to self-reflect on your past travels and upcoming trips this summer.



I have lived in India for three years and three months. India has been and always will be my home. It is not just because I became an Indian citizen but mainly because I fell in love with this country. I have two homes, one in Poland and one in India. When we were shifting to Gdansk in Poland in May this year, my Better Half kept on teasing me that I was moving out, etc. Yes, now I will spend more time in Poland. However, it doesn’t stop me from traveling to Bangalore, my home. And you know what? After five weeks, I miss it already!


My beautiful life in India my Girls

India is the home of my entire family. Both of our girls were born in Bangalore. It is not only the fact that their personal documents will always include this city. The place of birth creates a special connection, no matter where we live later. I feel so for my place of birth: Gdynia.

I also remember how many people in Poland used to question my decision to give birth to our Little One in India. That was one of the best decisions ever in my life. The care, support, and service I got at the CloudNine hospital in Bangalore were personalized and excellent. And nothing can replace my own family support!


I lived in India during my last months of pregnancy, maternity, and parental leave. 13 years of travels to this incredible country gave me a lot of opportunities to grow, to step out of my known comfortable zones. Although I haven’t professionally worked during that period of three years while living there, I feel that I “double” learned. India will give you another perspective on life and the way of thinking. It will also challenge you and embrace you at the same time.

If you look for a place to disconnect from the material world and connect more with yourself, India is the place for you to visit.


My beautiful life in India - family

The people values and vibes of the country allowed me to disconnect from my known way of thinking. It is one of the things that I appreciate the most about my life in India. It helped to reinforce my values and challenge me about what counts the most. Somehow, I reinvented myself as part of my growth and life’s changes. Like before, family and health remain my top priorities. The list is followed by the passions, smiles, and the little things – mine and of the ones that I love the most. The rest is changeable and can be fugacious.


Living in India is an intense and rich experience. When I was relocating to Bangalore, I decided to enjoy my life there as much as possible while accepting and understanding the cultural and lifestyle differences. I can’t be more grateful for all that I managed to experience. And it goes back to 2009 and my first visit to Asia and India. I have learned so much. The most unforgettable moments? My Bollywood-style marriage, giving birth in Bangalore, and experiencing daily Indian life; for more than 1000 days! Life’s experience I will never forget. I will always be grateful for it. And while I write it, I miss India even more. I can’t wait to visit in September for some holidays!


My beautiful life in India - litchi

Who knows me personally, from my blog or social media, knows that I am a foodie. I might not look like one, but I love to try new things. When traveling, I love to explore new tastes. And India is a paradise for it. From spicy (or super spicy) to salty, sour and sweet. My favorite part: trying new fruits! I have tried all that I was able to buy! And I loved it! 🙂 What should you try when traveling to India? All answers are here: Travel and taste: 15 unique things you must try in India.


If you travel to India between May and July, you are lucky! Why? That’s the mangoes season! The place of the best mangoes in the world. Since my relocation to India in March 2018, I was lucky to enjoy four mango seasons, always trying new types and tastes. I even managed to become a mango jam expert! 🙂

Want to learn more about mangoes? Check my previous posts:


I love sunsets. There is something magical about them. I am so grateful for all the beautiful sunsets I saw during my travels and living in India. My favorite one? The one on our terrace at home. And then, seeing sunsets in many other beautiful places: beaches of Goa, Pondicherry, Mangalore, or the Nandi Hills outside of Bangalore. I love sunsets so much that I wrote an article about it: Watching sunsets: Dusk Moments.


Bangalore home terrace garden

These days, I miss our terrace in India a lot. I am wondering how it is and if all our plants are fine. Our gardening passion that developed more during the pandemic gave me a lot of joy and a space to relax. That’s why recently I have written my first post about gardening: Unique plants: Bloom your small garden in big happiness.

If you love gardening or taking care of home plants, you might understand the little joy I get from this new passion. It took me a while, and I had to travel far to experience it. I am grateful.


The last will be the first! And so I feel about this point. In India, 6851km from my home town in Poland, I found the love of my life. I am too grateful for that. Want to know the story about it? Check it here: 3 marriages and 6 wedding dresses: Our Polish – Indian story behind it.

How about you? What are you the most grateful for about the place where you live? Or maybe, the country that you have traveled to recently. I guess that’s why I would love to live in many more places globally.

Moments that matter, no matter how grateful.

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