Malta: Seven amazing reasons you can’t miss it


Malta: seven amazing reasons you can’t miss it. And if you miss visiting it, hmm, you can’t miss visiting it! Malta is a beautiful and charming country not to include on your travel bucket list! I discovered it only once visiting it. And want to share with you some amazing reasons why you can’t miss it! Who knows, maybe even this summer?

I remember when few years ago direct flights between Malta and Gdansk opened. That’s when I added it to my travel list. In June 2021, the decision was: Malta or Santorini. Santorini won! And June this year, I couldn’t postpone it further. That’s where we spent my birthday. Unforgettable travel destination!



Malta Gzira

YES: I am happy to hear it! What was your impression? What did you like the most about your travel to Malta? Maybe like me, you hope to revisit it one day. I didn’t know a lot about Malta before our travel. I knew the general facts and travel information. And once we visited it, I saw what we can’t learn from the travel guides: its vibe and charm. And many reasons to travel there or return! 

NOT YET: Malta is the smallest country in the European Union. It is the 11th smallest country in the world. So maybe you haven’t visit it yet, as there might be other larger countries on your list. Do not get trapped by that! Malta is small but mighty! I will give you many proofs for this!



Valletta vibes

What did we love the most about Malta?

Its charm and vibes! The country is small, yet it is a very enchanting place. Just before our travel to Malta, I heard that it isn’t that interesting, an island made of rocks. Yes, the rocky seaside is there, but it adds to its beauty.

Once you visit Malta, explore its different corners, cities, villages, or streets. The vibes are so positive, full of energy that might easily connect with you. A place to fall in love!

And somehow Malta is an amazing mixture of the cultures. You will find there European, Middle Eastern or African vibes.


Malta is famous for its ideal temperatures and very mild climate during the winter months. You can visit the country all year long! Isn’t it too warm in the summer? It is warm, yet, you do not feel it a lot. As the country is surrounded by the sea, there is a nice breeze. The wind is pleasant, making the temperatures more inviting. Check below!




Before traveling to the new places, I like to connect with my friends who visited the country or city and get their personal insight and tips. That’s what I also did for Malta. And that’s how my birthday plan got finalized: a day trip to Comino!

The country consists of three islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino. As the country is small, it is easy to travel across the main island and explore the other two, especially by the boat or ferry. There are day tours that include both Gozo and Comino or Comino only. If you rent a private boat, you can decide where to go. I highly recommend Comino! We decided to skip Gozo as we wanted to enjoy the Blue Lagoon waters for the entire day.

Yes! The sea in the area of the Blue Lagoon in Malta is incredible. The most incredible color of the water I have seen in my life. So intense turquoise! It is a must-see place during your Maltese holidays.


I love traveling to discover new places, cultures, and cuisines! For me, food is an integrated part of my journeys, no matter how close or far. I enjoy referring to the TasteAtlas for suggestions of the local delicacies around the world.

Malta cuisine

What to try in Malta? What are the top 10 dishes according to TasteAtlas food travel guide? Check the list below. If you need more specific suggestions, refer to Eat Local in Malta.

  1. Pastizz
  2. Imqaret
  3. Prinjolata
  4. Bebbux
  5. Fenkata
  6. Imqarrun il-forn
  7. Hobz biz-zejt
  8. Figolla
  9. Bigilla
  10. Pudina tal-hobz


Need one more reason to travel to Malta? It is so easy to communicate over there! There are two official languages in the country: Maltese and English. Additionally, around 66% of the population speaks Italian, and ~17% can communicate in French.

Maltese is a Semitic language of the Afro-Asiatic family, written in the Latin script. Since ~88% of people speak English, you can feel very comfortable during your visit!


Malta boats in Gzira

We didn’t feel like leaving Malta. Maybe if not for my fever, we would have extended the stay. I could always say it is my extra birthday gift! 🙂

Some of my friends, after our return, asked how Malta was and if it was worth visiting. And that’s when I realized that I could recommend the place for all types of travel. It is an ideal holiday destination for single travelers, families, couples, or friends. If you like adventures, history, beautiful views, seaside, serenity or relaxation, that’s a place for you. It is a place for all!

Have you been to Malta? If yes, what would you add to the list? If not yet, what is that one reason you would like to visit it?

Moments that matter, no matter why in Malta.

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