Malta: The best ideas for a great long weekend trip

The best ideas for a great long weekend in Malta

Malta: the best ideas for a great long weekend trip. Although the summer in Europe might be shortly getting over, Malta is one of the locations that can be visited the entire year. It is a great destination, especially for an extended weekend trip, a small yet very charming country! Are you planning to visit any soon? If you need a good reason for it, check my previous post: Malta: Seven amazing reasons you can’t miss it.

Are you ready for one more travel to Malta? Below are the best ideas for a great long weekend trip! Enjoy your planning or discovering these beautiful islands!


Our long weekend trip to Malta wasn’t a standard one. Since we left on Sunday and returned home on Wednesday, it was “like an extended weekend” trip. We traveled to Malta for four days to celebrate my birthday. It was my wish to visit a new country! We decided on a shorter trip, adjusting to the direct flight dates and ensuring that we spent together a bit time in Poland. My Better Half and Bigger Angel were to return to India one week later.

Back in May, I had to convince my Better Half for this trip. As we had one travel already booked to Bulgaria (check here Seven amazing reasons why you can’t miss it), it felt busy to pack and unpack so many times. But you know, I love it! And if you would have asked my Better Half now if he was happy to visit Malta. He would tell you: YES!



Malta: the best ideas for a great long weekend trip Valletta Fun Train

Valletta is the capital city you shouldn’t miss during your travel adventures! Especially when visiting Malta, it is a must-see place. When planning the trip, I was checking hotels in Valletta, yet we decided to stay in Gzira, just 15 minutes away by bus. We spent nearly one full day in Valletta. That was one of the best days in Malta!

Valletta is a small capital city with ~480 000 inhabitants. It is very charming: with many small streets, restaurants, shops, and coffee or ice cream shops. After a yummy lunch in Valletta, we decided to take a Valletta sightseeing train tour. It is a great way to see a big part of the capital! Tickets cost 6 euros for an adult and 4 euros for a child. Smaller children might be given a free pass. Super fun and worth it!


On the west side of Valletta, there is Manoel Island. And just in front, you can find Gzira city. Further on, Gzira connects with Sliema and St. Julian. You can travel from Valletta to Sliema by ferry. Tickets are cheaper than the bus! And from Sliema, there are many options to visit Comino or Gozo island by boat. A great place to stay or at least visit!

In all three locations, there are a lot of restaurants, bars with loud music, and shops. And the most charming part? Both Sliema and Valletta are very famous for their balconies. These are the famous balconies, called gallarija, of Malta. I loved them too much! They are so colorful, from blue, yellow, red, and green to white, black, or brown. The origin of the design of these balconies is most probably from North Africa. So mesmerizing!


Malta Comino Blue Lagoon

Which were my two favorite places in Malta?

Valletta city and Comino Island! Comino Island and its Blue Lagoon seemed so special that I selected the place to celebrate my birthday! I couldn’t ask for more!

Yes! The sea in the area of the Blue Lagoon in Malta is incredible. The most incredible color of the water I have seen in my life. So intense turquoise! It is a must-see place during your Maltese holidays. Interestingly, cars are not allowed in Comino, and the island has only three residents.

Travel advice: in case you reach the Blue Lagoon in Comino Island, and it is too crowded, take from the Blue Lagoon a small private boat tour to Cominotto! It is cheap, much cheaper than the sunbed and umbrella in Comino. The main advantage is that Cominotto is nearly empty and in front of the same Blue Lagoon!


Due to our limited days in Malta, we decided to skip Gozo. Many boat tours offer the option of visiting Comino and Gozo on the same day. I read many reviews about it. Most of them indicated that this itinerary was too busy for one day. Instead, it is better to dedicate one full day to Gozo island.

I was told by my friends that the island was very beautiful. Some people find it even more interesting than Malta island! It is the second biggest of the Maltese islands. Gozo is a much quieter place to visit. Many people call it: “what Malta used to be like”! If you want to explore more natural and rural parts of the country, you should not skip Gozo during your journey.


Malta: the best ideas for a great long weekend trip Sliema

If you have limited time in Malta and you are not able to try Comino or Gozo boat trip, you can explore options for the harbor tour. Luzzu Cruises, a boat company that we went with to Comino, offers a cruise of 2 harbors. The tour is about “cruising around the largest natural harbors in the Mediterranian Marsamxett and Valletta harbors.”

The harbor tours depart at least four times per day. The tickets cost 16 euros per an adult and 13 euros per child. You can always try to negotiate a bit! 


I wish we stayed in Malta one or two days more (if not more!). If so, I would have included the Malta National Aquarium in our itinerary. As soon as you reach the airport in Malta, you will see a lot of advertisements about it. It is a beautiful place to enjoy with children.

If you plan to visit it, consider buying tickets online. There are some great offers and good options to save a bit of Euro during your trip!


Malta Aqualuna

I am so happy that we haven’t missed Aqualuna! It is located in Gzira, 15min away from Valletta. “Aqualuna is a luxurious private beach club on the waters’ edge with 180º views of Manoel Island and Valletta. The perfect destination to relax, dine or entertain, right in the heart of The Strand, Malta.”

What did I like the most about it? The swimming pool, with a direct view of the bay. It is also an ideal spot for an evening date! And the best part: some of the hotels in Gzira, including our one (Azur Hotel), provide free entry to Aqualuna during the stay!


This idea, Splash & Fun Water Park, I discovered on Instagram. And that was just after our trip to Malta. A great spot to enjoy together with children or friends. The attraction is located 30min by the bus/car from Valletta, in the north of the Island. The park is divided into two parts: water and fun. It is ideal for non-summer months when it is less crowded, and less warm. 


Caves in Malta

The Blue Grotto is located on the southern coast of Malta. It consists of a massive arch (over 30m) and a system of six caves. The place got its name from a British soldier. He thought the place looked like the Grotta Azzurra in Capri, and it deserved the same name. In fact, Blue Grotto is the equivalent of Grotta Azzurra in English. This natural attraction is very popular, attracting ~100,000 tourists per year. The Blue Grotto was also featured in the movie Troy (2004) with Brad Pitt.

To enjoy the caves in Malta at their best, try to go early in the morning. That’s when the sun is lower, and the sea is usually calmer. If the water is too rough, or you can’t take a boat trip, you can enjoy the view from the platform on the road leading to the site.


This one I have discovered when researching some additional information for this post. Did you know that there is a Playmobile Fun Park in Malta? The park is located in the south-east of the island. It is an ideal place to visit when traveling to Malta with children. The park includes indoor and outdoor attractions, and Playmobil shopping options at discounted prices. Additionally, with a pre-booking, there is also an option to visit the factory of Playmobil within the same park. 

Have you been to Malta? If yes, what surprised you the most? Which advice would you give to the travelers planning to visit the Maltese islands for an extended weekend? And if you haven’t been to Malta yet, is it on your bucket list? I would love to hear your feedback. Sharing is caring!

Moments that matter, no matter how long in Malta.

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