Moving abroad from India: Seven special things you might miss

Moving Abroad from India

Moving abroad from India: seven special things you might miss. In the last years, I lived in India 3 years and 3 months. I relocated back to Poland at the end of May this year. Yet, we continue to live between our two countries: India and Poland. And I feel so blessed about it!

Relocating outside of the country is usually both exciting and stressful. As much us we look forward to the “new world” there are always things that – sooner or later – we will start missing. Whenever I am in India – I enjoy India, yet there is always a bit of missing Poland. And when I am in Poland – I enjoy Poland, yet missing India. What did I miss the most in the past six months? Explore the list below and add to it!


There are around 18 million people born in India living abroad! The number is surprising and huge! That’s nearly half a population of Poland! Although, I am Polish, born in Poland, I lived in India for a few years. That’s also where my daughters were born. And yes, I spend more time in Poland no, and India became our holiday spot.

Each year, ~100 000 people decide to leave India. The highest number of Indian people living abroad isin the UAE, the US, and Saudi Arabia. In the last five years, people started to opt mainly for shifting to the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK.

This year, I shifted back to Poland. Do I miss India? Each day!

If you are considering moving out of India or you are in the middle of you relocation to another country, read the list below. It might help you in setting full readiness for this life time decision.



Moving aborad from India home


It takes the biggest missing! And that’s not only about the four walls. It is about all of it together: family, feelings, home, neighborhood, atmosphere, and vibes. Yes, people often relocate with their closest family, and their love continues. Yet, the entire setup changes a lot. And in fact, that’s the main change: creating a new home, or rather a life.

Take your time, yet, never forget your Indian home. It is unique, just like you and your life! And if possible, visit from time to time. Your India will always wait for you and embrace you once you are back.


Before relocating outside of India, make sure you have learnt or written down as many recipes of your mom or dad! Home food and taste is irreplaceable. Outside of India, there are a lot of Indian restaurants. Yet, the taste is often adjusted for the local people. It might be a bit less spicy, more sweet, done with replacement products etc.

And before you move out of India, check if there are pressure cookers in the shops in your new location! Else, plan to take one with you in your luggage!


Moving aborad from India colors

There are more smiles in India than, at least, in Europe. That’s where you can notice people smiling not only with their mouths but also with their eyes. The same refers to colors! India is a land of colors, visible everywhere. From the unlimited colors of sarees and kurtas, to colorful trucks, houses, and dishes. Streets somehow seem brighter, and it is no bad thing to wear any color that isn’t fashionable now. In India, they are all chic!

The eyes of India only see in color.

Raghubir Singh

So be ready, outside of India, to see maybe a bit fewer smiles and, for sure, fewer colors. Don’t adjust, be yourself. Other corners of the world need this beautiful energy and vibes you can share!


Home deliveries in India are simply a WOW experience! You can order your grocery shopping and have it at home within the blink of your eye (10-15min in practice). Deliveries are often free of charge or at a minimal cost. As a result, it doesn’t make sense to step outside the home to buy bread and eggs when they are suddenly missing.

It also refers to online shopping and food deliveries, not just grocery shopping. With a lot of traffic and warm/rainy weather in India – it is easier to order home. How about outside of India? Hmm, it might not be that easy or affordable. It is time to exercise and go out more often! 🙂

FIVE: LOCAL festivals

Moving abroad from India Diwali

Where can you celebrate Diwali or Holi festivals in the best way?

Of course, in India! So yes, prepare yourself to miss all the local festivals and celebrations. Spending the festivals in the country ‘of origin’ is always more particular and the atmosphere is perfect!

So how about planning a short spring or autumn break in India already? In 2023 Holi is on the 8th of March, and Diwali is on the 12th of November. And in 2024? It is on 25th March and 1st November, respectively. Plan for it! Don’t miss spending your favorite festivals in India!


Although, due to global warming, the rainy season has extended in India significantly, get ready to miss it once outside of the country. With so many warm days in India, a sudden rainy time is like a blessing. It is a heavy rain, a warm one! And suddenly, the air smells uniquely of the freshness and buildings’ bricks. The regular monsoon rain doesn’t last for long. It is a 30 or 60 min non-stop rain, and then it is warm again.

Monsoon rain is a perfect time to go out and dance in the warm rain. I miss it. Do you?


Watching cricket in India

Hands up: who loves cricket? In India, cricket is more than a sport. It is a way of living, an integrated part of the nation’s culture, and a way to bind all people together. Which games are the most watched in India? Number one is, of course, all the games played by the Indian national team. Number two are the games played by the Pakistani national team. 😉 Remember, the intentions are different.

What to do not to miss all the cricket games abroad? Think about a good VPN set-up at home where you will live. And then connect to the Indian platforms/websites and enjoy watching batting and fielding!

Are you living outside of India? If yes, what do you miss the most? Is there something you would add to this list? If not, or maybe not yet – I hope you enjoyed the article. You are always invited to return here and add your thoughts, maybe in a month or two or more if needed.

Moments that matter, no matter how far from India.

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