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Thailand: seven amazing reasons you can’t miss it. You truly can’t miss it! And I wonder why it took me so many years to visit it? Hmm, maybe because initially we were planning to visit it already three years ago. We had seven plane tickets in our hands. And that’s when Covid-19 was starting in Asia. So back then, with so many unknowns, we decided to cancel the trip, with no rebooking option, with no funds back (it was just the beginning of Covid). Yes, better don’t remind it my Better Half. He is still sensitive about this topic. 😉

March 2023: we managed to visit Thailand! This time we didn’t opt for Bangkok but for Phuket! And one more time: I fell in love! This time with Thailand. And I want to tell you why. Why I did and why you can’t miss visiting it.



YES: Do you feel similarly to me that you can’t wait to be back? On one hand, the world is so big, and there are so many other places that I want to visit. On the other hand, I can’t wait to return to Thailand! Or maybe more than that… I could live there one day!

If you have visited Thailand already, what is your perspective about it and about your potential return?

NOT YET: Just like my ‘mistake’: don’t delay it. Push Thailand very up on your travel list or bucket list. It is super worth it. And if you feel like there is no one to join you, ping me – I can always consider Thailand again! 🙂 Otherwise, read the seven reasons below to know why you shouldn’t miss it.

Sawatdii, Thailand!




Thailand is very famous for its incredible sea water colors, islands, bays, lagoons. With no doubt, pre-pandemic 2019 saw a record of nearly 40 million foreign tourists in Thailand! In 2022, the country started to rebuilt its focus as a holiday destination, with over 11 million foreign visitors. Thai beaches and the seaside attract a lot of these tourists!

Is the sea color as amazing as what internet and book travel guides show? Yes, if not more! The Andaman Sea color in Thailand can be mesmerizing, from nearly transparent water color to emerald one. I am so happy that we changed our initial idea and opted for Phuket instead of Bangkok. Yet, I hope that one day I will also travel to the capital of the country.


Thailand Weather

For me, the weather in Thailand is perfect! If you like high temperatures and enjoy warm weather, that’s the place for you! On average, the monthly temperatures vary during the year between 22’c and 35’c. The only “watch-out” thing about the weather are the dry and wet season. It can rain a lot, yet the temperatures stay high. The rainy season starts around May and lasts till November timeframe. September is the wettest month during monsoon season. At the beginning of the rainy season, you can experience shorter rains and thunderstorms. In the more intense monsoon months (Sep-Oct), it is usually one-hour downpour that happens in the afternoon or evening.

If you want perfect weather during your holidays, opt for Dec-Apr timeframe. However, if you prefer to enjoy less touristic months, opt for the monsoon season.


Thailand: Seven amazing reasons you can't miss it Greenery

When my friends ask me about Thailand, I say it is even greener than Goa! I love the nature, palm trees, different type of flowers and trees. Thanks to the rainy season, it is all available in Thailand. And so many places are simply green – all around!

This greenery reminds me of our beautiful “jungle terrace” in our home in India, Bangalore. And this Thai greenery is one of the reasons I felt there like at home. And this place could become my home! It is so calming and relaxing for the eyes and mind. Beautiful!


Thailand Food

Food in Thailand is just ‘another story’! It is so delicious, choices are so many and the taste: unforgettable! You can find both more sweet or spicy food, a lot non-veg options and plenty of veg ones. In Thailand, many dishes are made using coconut milk, giving them a unique taste. And yes, the local Thai restaurant in your country might not be as yummy (and cheap) as the one in Thailand.

If you visit Thailand, opt for the street food. There is no significant difference in the taste between fancy restaurants and the street food. You might only be surprised by the price difference! Yes, food in Thailand is not only super yummy, but also is very cheap. If you were to ask me which cuisine I would like to eat till the end of my life if I had one choice only, my answer would be quick: Thai, please.


Thailand Prices

Thailand is a very affordable location. I should say: it still is. The most expensive might be to reach Thailand. And then depending on your preference the cost of accommodation might be higher or lower. We decided to stay in a 5* hotel, so the cost was a bit higher. However, Thailand offers unlimited options, and it gives you a wide range of prices, which is great.

The rest of the journey should stay at the lower cost: food & drinks, transportation, entertainment. Everything is affordable and allows to do and try many things when exploring this amazing country. I guess the only watch out item is that as everything is pretty affordable, you might be teased (that’s what happened to us) to try a lot of things, and then, automatically, one spends a bit more. But you know: I would do the same, even tomorrow! 🙂


Thailand Maya Bay

Thailand is a full of incredible places, so many beautiful spots. As a result, the country is very attractive for its visitors, having so much to offer. From unforgettable beaches and lush jungles to ornate temples and royal palaces. In Thailand, you can find a lot of nature, history, as well as modern entertainment and infrastructure. Many places are either naturally beautiful or very well taken care of to create additional touch or comfort for visitors.

For me, the most unforgettable gems in Thailand were: Maya Beach, Monkey Beach, Pileh Lagoon, and our top north part of the Patong Beach. And this time, it wasn’t about the magic of the sunsets. It was about what was happening on the sky and water reflections just after the sunset. Unforgettable moments. Water reflecting the gold or pink shades of the sky.


Thailand Perfect for All

During our holiday in Thailand, we met so many tourists from different corners of the world. The country is a perfect holiday destination, and it welcomes everyone. Its natural beauty, touristic infrastructure, affordable prices, and safety makes it an ideal places for everyone. That’s why one can meet there couples, friends, family with children, solo travelers

In fact, people from 64 countries can enter Thailand without applying for visa, allowing them 30 days stay. Additionally, tourists from 19 countries can obtain visa-on arrival, giving 15 days permit to stay. The process is pretty easy and everything can be done at the airport. Tourists from at least 83 countries can easily enjoy this paradise location!

Thailand, I hope to return. One day!

Ps. And if Thailand is too far for you to travel, how about visiting this year Malta? Discover seven reasons you can’t miss it. The same blog post series, another country, a new journey.

Have you been to Thailand? If yes, what would you add to the list? If not yet, what is that one reason you would like to visit it?

Moments that matter, no matter why in Thailand.

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