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My Beautiful Life In India

My beautiful life in India: What am I grateful for

My beautiful life in India: what am I grateful for. When we travel the world, we tend to focus on the places we have seen and the activities we experienced. Less frequently, at least in my opinion, we focus on what we managed to learn and appreciate in us thanks to visiting a specific place...

Bulgaria Seven Amazing Reasons You Can't Miss It

Bulgaria: Seven amazing reasons you can’t miss it

Bulgaria: seven amazing reasons you can’t miss it. And once you visit it, you won’t forget it. There are many motives it will stay on your mind! For me, there is one main reason: I want to explore it more! For Polish people, Bulgaria used to be one of the top travel destinations in 80s,...

Papaya Love

Travel and taste: Papaya love – know it all

Travel and taste: papaya love – know it all. Who remembers my previous blog post from the same series about mango? Mango love – know it all. Today, it is time for papaya! I love to call it “papita”; the way it is called in the Hindi language. Somehow it highlights more its yummy and...

Poland Gdansk City

Visiting Poland: The truth about the local faux pas

Visiting Poland: the truth about the local faux pas. Following my latest blog post about the faux pas in India, I thought it might be an interesting perspective to write this time about Poland. Somehow I write less about Poland here so that’s also a great occassion to share a bit more about my home...

Visiting India: local Faux Pas

Visiting India: The truth about the local faux pas

Visiting India: the truth about the local faux pas. I enjoy writing about India and its culture. Often it is very diverse from the customs and way of living I am used to in Poland. Yet, traveling the world changed my thinking a lot. I am not surprised about different approaches, lifestyles, or cultures. I...

Easter Celebration in Poland Nagals

Easter celebration in Poland: Unique facts and traditions

Re-living the moments. The original article was posted in April 2021. Easter is tomorrow! Therefore, I want to re-live with you Polish traditions and customs. And while I do the last preparations for tomorrow, I wish you all Happy Easter! Easter celebration in Poland: it is time for some unique facts and traditions. As it...

Life's Moments The Best and Unique Quotes

Life’s moments: The best and special quotes

Life’s moments: the best and special quotes. Quotes, if truly believed in and repeated regularly, can act like mantras. They can influence our life and its direction. They can transform it, acting as a powerful energy. This blog post came as a spontaneous idea. It isn’t my regular 2000-3000 words article. Also, it isn’t posted...