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Tel Aviv Travel Insider

Tel Aviv travel insider: The city that never sleeps

Tel Aviv travel insider! If you are considering a new travel destination in the upcoming months or searching for future travel ideas, that’s the place for you! How about Tel Aviv, a city that never sleeps? Tel Aviv (TLV), also known as White City, is one of my favorite travel destinations. I had an opportunity...

Mango Pickle

Mango pickle: secrets of the authentic Indian recipe

Mango pickle: today, I want to share with you the secrets of an authentic Indian recipe. It is a homemade pickle from an Indian house, our house. The recipe is not new, it is prepared by the next generations now. It brings a lot of memories, tasty moments, and smiles. No matter where you are...

15 unique things you must try in India

Travel and taste: 15 unique things you must try in India

Travel and taste: 15 unique things you must try in India. My Indian stories continue! Life in India gives me a lot of new experiences and inspirations. I try to learn, see or taste something new each day. It is the taste part that I want to share with you today. What are the unique...

Traveling Alone with Children

Traveling alone with children: How to love it

Traveling alone with children: how to love it and not get crazy? In the last few days, following my recent travel with our Little One, I got some questions from my friends about traveling with children. I love to travel! I enjoy a lot getting on the journey with my family, just with my girls,...

Easter Celebration in Poland Nagals

Easter celebration in Poland: unique facts and traditions

Easter celebration in Poland: it is time for some unique facts and traditions. As it is Easter week, the timing couldn’t be better. Two festivals are the most important in Polish culture and traditions: the first one is Christmas (Christmas Celebration in Poland: 11 unique facts and traditions), and the second one is Easter (in...

Best Festivals of India Holi

The best festivals of India: Holi, colorful celebration

Re-living the moments. The original article was posted in December 2020. As the Holi festival is approaching in two days, I want to re-live the moments with you. Happy Holi! 🙂 The best festivals of India: Holi! Festival of colors and joy, the most famous celebration of India! Many people outside of India associate this...

The Power of Less

The power of less: Why is doing less better?

The power of less: why is doing less better? That’s just one of many questions about ‘less’ in our life (and in this article!). I am not using it only to catch your attention but also to reinforce the power of less. Let’s take books as an example. Is scanning pages of a book good...