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My Beautiful Life In India

My beautiful life in India: What am I grateful for

My beautiful life in India: what am I grateful for. When we travel the world, we tend to focus on the places we have seen and the activities we experienced. Less frequently, at least in my opinion, we focus on what we managed to learn and appreciate in us thanks to visiting a specific place...

Life's Moments The Best and Unique Quotes

Life’s moments: The best and special quotes

Life’s moments: the best and special quotes. Quotes, if truly believed in and repeated regularly, can act like mantras. They can influence our life and its direction. They can transform it, acting as a powerful energy. This blog post came as a spontaneous idea. It isn’t my regular 2000-3000 words article. Also, it isn’t posted...

The Best Five Posts of 2021

The best five posts of 2021: Chasing Life Moments

WISHING YOU ALL A WONDERFUL 2022! The best five posts of 2021: ChasingLifeMoments blog! One year ago, I started a new tradition. I summarize each year with the top five posts from that year. It is the second article, following the initial one: Top 5 posts of the first year: Chasing Life Moments. How was the second...

Relocation to Bangalore Free Tips

Relocation to Bangalore: Free tips for a happy life

Relocation to Bangalore: free tips for a happy life. After living in Bengaluru for nearly three years, I feel comfortable when supporting others during their life-changing moments: relocation to India. Recently, my new friend reached out to me seeking some personal advice for the shift to the capital of Karnataka. It inspired this topic and...

The power of simplicity, the Alps

The power of simplicity: Simple life, boundless happiness

The power of simplicity: simple life, boundless happiness. Today, when I am starting to write this post, it is a perfect day for this article. The “world” has stopped for a bit for many of us. Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram apps went offline. It has already been five hours. It has been a while since...

How to declutter your home and clean your mind

How to declutter your home and clean your mind

How to declutter your home and clean your mind? Three years ago, I understood the importance of less, some form of minimalism. In my world and mind, the intention is to have fewer things. And also to maintain this way of living. My goal isn’t a complete version of minimalist. That’s not me, at least...

More Secrets of The Best Ayurvedic Herbs and Remedies

More secrets of the best ayurvedic herbs and remedies

More secrets of the best ayurvedic herbs and remedies. It is time for the continuation of the latest article about Secrets of The Best Ayurvedic Herbs and Remedies. As promised last week, it is time to finalize the top list of the best ayurvedic herbs. What’s there for today: Haridra (Turmeric), Moringa, Neem, Punarnava, Shatavari,...