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Mango Pickle

Mango pickle: secrets of the authentic Indian recipe

Mango pickle: today, I want to share with you the secrets of an authentic Indian recipe. It is a homemade pickle from an Indian house, our house. The recipe is not new, it is prepared by the next generations now. It brings a lot of memories, tasty moments, and smiles. No matter where you are...

Traveling Alone with Children

Traveling alone with children: How to love it

Traveling alone with children: how to love it and not get crazy? In the last few days, following my recent travel with our Little One, I got some questions from my friends about traveling with children. I love to travel! I enjoy a lot getting on the journey with my family, just with my girls,...

Easter Celebration in Poland Nagals

Easter celebration in Poland: unique facts and traditions

Easter celebration in Poland: it is time for some unique facts and traditions. As it is Easter week, the timing couldn’t be better. Two festivals are the most important in Polish culture and traditions: the first one is Christmas (Christmas Celebration in Poland: 11 unique facts and traditions), and the second one is Easter (in...

Best Festivals of India Holi

The best festivals of India: Holi, colorful celebration

Re-living the moments. The original article was posted in December 2020. As the Holi festival is approaching in two days, I want to re-live the moments with you. Happy Holi! 🙂 The best festivals of India: Holi! Festival of colors and joy, the most famous celebration of India! Many people outside of India associate this...

Special Evening Rituals

Special evening rituals: Unlock your harmony and slow down

Special evening rituals. To unlock your harmony and slow down. To appreciate special moments from the day and tranquilize after hectic ones. A few evening rituals are like a perfect summary of the day, preparing body and mind for relaxation at night. Rituals are the formulas by which harmony is restored. Together with morning rituals,...

Motherhood Miracle: Celebrating the Moments My Daughters


Motherhood miracle: It is time for celebrating the moments, of your happiness, your baby, and your newly extended family. From small, nearly unnoticed ones to the ones that are more visible or remembered. So many of us are chasing life’s moments that sometimes we leave behind what is really important. Some of us might be...

Christmas Celebration in Poland


Christmas celebration in Poland, 11 unique facts and traditions to discover from Central Europe. Most of the countries celebrate Christmas, yet the traditions and customs between countries can vary a lot. Still, there are many things in common: joy and family time, Christmas tree, gifts! So what is different? As always, ‘devil lies in the...