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Santorini Seven Amazing Reasons You Can't Miss it

Santorini: Seven amazing reasons you can’t miss it

Santorini: seven amazing reasons you can’t miss it! Are seven enough? :-)I think I didn’t need any! Santorini was always on my mind to visit it one day! Maybe that’s why when deciding between Santorini and Malta as the latest travel destination (and my birthday trip!), I knew that I want to revisit Greece to...

Travel Planning Map

Travel planning: How to plan an amazing and happy trip

Travel planning: how to plan an amazing and happy trip. That’s the question! So valid, especially now during the summer season. Are you ready for your holidays? Did you plan for them already or maybe yet to finalize? I hope this article will guide you a bit. Travels are the best when they are true...

Croatia View

Things you will love about Croatia

Blog post by the guest blogger Roxana, Make This A Journey. It is a second guest blogger this year joining ChasingLifeMoments pages. Missed the first one? Don’t worry. It is here: Best Tips for Visiting Dubai. I strongly believe that every country or place you visit can give you different kinds of feelings (or ‘vibes’...

Flying with a Teenager

Flying with a teenager: Secrets to a happy journey

Flying with a teenager: secrets to a happy journey! Summer holidays are approaching for most of us. For some, they are already happening! If you live in the southern part of the world, you might be planning for your winter holidays soon! One is sure: the holiday season is on!  Holidays mean relaxation, fun, and...

Mango Love

Travel and taste: Mango love – know it all

Travel and taste: mango love – know it all! Are you ready to discover yummy facts about delicious mangoes? Initially, I didn’t plan for this post. But my love for mangoes is too intense, so I thought of summarizing it here! 🙂 I wrote about mangoes already in a few posts. So apart from sharing...

How I recovered from Covid-19

How I recovered from Covid-19: Practical dos and don’ts

How I recovered from Covid-19, and what are some of the practical dos and don’ts? Last week I shared with you my Covid-19 story. Thank you for all the follow-up messages of care and wishes. As the days passes by, we see more friends being impacted by Covid-19. In some parts of the world, the...

Covid_19 Positive

Covid-19 positive: The truth about my Coronavirus story

Covid-19 positive. The truth about my Coronavirus story. Luckily or not, it all happened during the lockdown in Karnataka. In the last few days, the numbers of Covid cases have been increasing significantly across the country. The impact was even more visible in our city, Bangalore, and the region. We kept on living our isolated life, not...