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Moving Abroad from India

Moving abroad from India: Seven special things you might miss

Moving abroad from India: seven special things you might miss. In the last years, I lived in India 3 years and 3 months. I relocated back to Poland at the end of May this year. Yet, we continue to live between our two countries: India and Poland. And I feel so blessed about it! Relocating...

My Beautiful Life In India

My beautiful life in India: What am I grateful for

My beautiful life in India: what am I grateful for. When we travel the world, we tend to focus on the places we have seen and the activities we experienced. Less frequently, at least in my opinion, we focus on what we managed to learn and appreciate in us thanks to visiting a specific place...

Visiting India: local Faux Pas

Visiting India: The truth about the local faux pas

Visiting India: the truth about the local faux pas. I enjoy writing about India and its culture. Often it is very diverse from the customs and way of living I am used to in Poland. Yet, traveling the world changed my thinking a lot. I am not surprised about different approaches, lifestyles, or cultures. I...

Relocating to Bangalore

Relocating to Bangalore: My surprising three years perspective

Relocating to Bangalore: my surprising three years perspective. On the 8th of March, I marked my three years of living in India. Since I am Polish, living in India means living in another continent and culture. Recently, I wrote a master post about Bangalore. It is a complete list of tips for the relocation to...

Relocation to Bangalore Free Tips

Relocation to Bangalore: Free tips for a happy life

Relocation to Bangalore: free tips for a happy life. After living in Bengaluru for nearly three years, I feel comfortable when supporting others during their life-changing moments: relocation to India. Recently, my new friend reached out to me seeking some personal advice for the shift to the capital of Karnataka. It inspired this topic and...

Best Festivals of India

Best festivals of India: Foreigner’s perspective living in India

One more time: re-living the moments. The original article was posted in November 2020. As the Diwali festival is tomorrow, I want to re-live the moments with you. I am so happy we managed to return to India on time and we will celebrate Deepavali all together. Have a wonderful Diwali, a life full of...

Goa: The Best Ideas for a Great Long Weekend Trip

Goa: The best ideas for a great long weekend trip

Goa: the best ideas for a great long weekend trip. It is never enough of Goa for me! Do you feel the same? If yes, join me for one more journey to the Goan world. Following my latest blog post Go Goa: Ten practical things you need to know before your travel, this time I want to...