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Go Goa: Ten Things You Need to Know Before Traveling

Go Goa: Ten practical things you need to know before your travel

Go Goa: ten practical things you need to know before your travel. No matter if this is your first or third travel to Goa, read the below! Some of these suggestions might help you to enjoy your trip even more than initially planned! Goa is one of the most popular holiday destinations in India. The...

My First Two Years of Living in India

My first two years of living in starling India

My first two years of living in startling India. Surprising and sometimes astonishing, and sometimes I-want-to-go-back. For sure incredible India can give a lot of emotions and vibes. So is living in this country. These days I have my 2nd anniversary of living in India while continuing my life in Poland. How is it to...

The Most Wanted Souvenirs from India

Travel and shopping: The most wanted souvenirs from India

Travel and shopping: the most wanted souvenirs from India. This week I am super happy. We will be traveling again! From India to Poland! As I am still here in India now, I want to tell you a bit more about this incredible country. Let’s continue last week’s topic of Travel and Shopping: The Truth about...