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How to pack in a smart way

Air travel packing: How to pack in a smart way

Air travel packing: how to pack in a smart way. Sometimes I get a feeling that I pack too often. 🙂 However, I never complain as I love traveling! Just in 2021, during Covid times, I have taken 22 flights so far. And the year isn’t over yet! Yes, each travel usually requires a lot...

Travel Planning Map

Travel planning: How to plan an amazing and happy trip

Travel planning: how to plan an amazing and happy trip. That’s the question! So valid, especially now during the summer season. Are you ready for your holidays? Did you plan for them already or maybe yet to finalize? I hope this article will guide you a bit. Travels are the best when they are true...

Air Travel Sky


Air travel. A comfortable journey. Today most of us are waiting to travel, impatiently waiting! Or, at the minimum would like to see some light at the end of the tunnel, maybe some time frame, at least. When will the commercial planes touch the sky again? And when will w be able to admire the...